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Exciting Changes to our Micro-Internship Programme!

Blogged by Rosanna Mills on 13/12/2017.

This term’s micro-interns have been very busy this past week on a huge range of projects. The Internship Office has been lucky enough to meet with some of the micro-interns over the past few weeks. Last Friday, we met with those working with Right for Education to hear about their week writing online articles, which are available to an audience of 5+ million people in Africa. Thanks to those who took part in the presentation last Friday! A few weeks ago, we met with the interns for World Experience Exchange: it was fantastic to hear about their interests and upcoming projects!

Next term, there will be a few exciting changes to the Micro-Internship Programme. In 2018, we are expanding across the UK and Germany. Until now, micro-internships have taken place in Oxfordshire and Greater London only, but as so many students travel elsewhere during vacation, we’d love to offer a wider range of opportunities. We are looking at firstly expanding to Manchester, Bristol/Bath, Edinburgh and Munich, so do keep an eye out at the beginning of Hilary term for these micro-internships! Placements will be advertised on CareerConnect from 0th week, and watch our blog for more information…

Haven’t been able to apply for micro-internships due to 9th week commitments such as exams or course work? From Hilary 2018, this all changes! Organisations now have the choice to host micro-interns in 9th and/or 10th week, so keep an eye out for these placements.

Thanks to all of you who applied this term. We look forward to hearing about all the placements very soon. If you need a little more information about the programme, please visit the  Micro-Internship Programme webpage, or email Rosanna at micro-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk.