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£50 prizes available with the Internship Office Photo and Film Competition!

Blogged by Rachel Ruscombe-King on 13/06/2018.

The Oxford University Internship Office Photo and Film Competition will be taking place once again in 2018! We are calling on all students who take part in internships facilitated through the Internship Office to submit photos and videos that best represent your internship experience.

We invite entries for the following categories:

Light, Colour and Texture

We are looking for aesthetically interesting images from your internship experience that make use of light, colour or texture in an innovative way. Perhaps a bright summer’s morning on your way to work, or anything colourful or textured that catches your eyes at work or in the vicinity.

Architecture and Landmarks

Has any interesting architecture stood out during your internship? Have you visited any impressive monuments or seen any iconic buildings? We’d love to see pictures and videos that represent the location you are working in. Please note that images of Oxford and London are particularly under-represented in the Internship Office photo archives!

Beautiful World

What have you been up to in your spare time? Have you been on sightseeing trips, or found a favourite restaurant? Have you discovered new cityscapes, or visited the countryside? Have you met any interesting people or seen bizarre insects? We’d love to see images of your experiences outside of work and during your internship travels.

Internal Space

What does the daily life of your internship look like? Whether you are working in an open plan office, a stately home, a tower block, a lab or a forest, we want to see images that represent your internship. This could include everyday things such as your workstation, your colleagues, the buildings in which you work, conferences, workshops and special events, and also any special or unusual sights you encounter along the way. We would especially like to see well framed photos and videos of you in or outside your place of work.

Rules and tips

  • To enter the competition, please send your photos and videos by email to internships@careers.ox.ac.uk with the items as a file attachment or using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. Please state clearly which categories you would like to enter.
  • You may enter five photos or videos for each category (a maximum of 20 photos in total).
  • The winning entries will be decided by a selection panel at the Careers Service.
  • For information on copyright and usage permission, please see the terms and conditions.
  • There will be one prize winner per category, who will be awarded a high street voucher worth £50.
  • We are looking for photographs that communicate your internship experience in an interesting way. Creativity and imagination will be rewarded!
  • The closing date for this competition is 17:00, Monday 17 September 2018.

And finally, if you need some inspiration, have a look at some of our favourite entries from previous competitions:

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