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Internship Office Photographic Competition 2017

Blogged by Rachel Ruscombe-King on June 15, 2017.

The Oxford University Internship Office Photographic Competition will be taking place once again in summer 2017 – this year hosted on Instagram! We are calling on all interns to post photos and videos that best represent your internship experience using the hashtag #oxips2017 and by tagging us @oxfordcareersservice.*

Please submit photos for the following categories:

Intern Life

What does the daily life of your internship look like? Whether you are working in an open plan office, a stately home, a tower block, a lab or a forest, we want to see your daily life during your internship. This could include everyday things such as your workstation, your colleagues, the buildings in which you work, conferences, workshops and special events, and also any special or unusual sights you encounter along the way. We would especially like to see well framed photos of you outside your place of work.

Out and About

What have you been up to in your spare time? Have you been on sightseeing trips, or found a favourite restaurant? Have you discovered any cityscapes, visited mountains or seen beautiful landscapes? We’d love to see images of your experiences outside of work and during travels after your internship.

Human Connection

Can you capture that moment when people interact and connect with one another on your internship? This might be a smile shared by colleagues in a meeting or workshop, interactions in a local environment, a depiction of people within a cultural setting, or images of new friendships you have made on your internship.

Intern Views (video entry)

Can you create a snapshot of your internship in video format? We’d like to see a 20-30 second video clip that shows what was great about your internship. You could tell us about the people you worked with, the skills you learned, the location… feel free to use your imagination. You can include other people or just have yourself on camera.

Rules and tips

*To get your Instagram photos and videos considered for our prizes, you will also need to upload them to the university-hosted file transfer facility Oxfile to In the message field please specify the category for which you would like your entries to be considered. (And if you don’t have an Instagram account, please send us your entries via Oxfile and we will upload them to Instagram on your behalf).

  • We are looking for photographs that communicate your internship experience in an interesting way. Creativity and imagination will be rewarded!
  • You may enter seven photos for each photo category (a maximum of 21 photos in total), and one video for the video category.
  • You can tag as many photos and videos as you like on Instagram with @oxfordcareersservice and #oxips2017, but only photos sent via Oxfile will be formally considered for the competition.
  • The winning entries will be decided by a selection panel at the Careers Service. Entries with the most Instagram likes will be automatically will be automatically short-listed in each category.
  • For information on copyright and usage permission, please see the terms and conditions (attached).
  • There will be one prize winner per category, who will be awarded a high street voucher worth £30.
  • All submitted entries will be posted by us on Instagram, crediting you unless you tell us otherwise. Please note that we may also use entries in other web/publicity material.
  • The closing date for this competition is midnight on Sunday 17th September 2017.

Photos from last year

And finally, if you need some inspiration, have a look at some of our favourite entries from previous competitions: