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Koreo Prize: national storytelling competition

Blogged by Claire Chesworth on December 7, 2016.

Koreo is the new name for Vanilla Ventures, the talent development organisation responsible for Charityworks, the UK non-profit sector’s graduate scheme, and Change 100, the paid summer internship programme for disabled students.

The Koreo Prize exists to give young critical thinkers the opportunity to share perspectives on one or more of six issues affecting modern society, aligned with the UN’s Global Goals: gender equality, social mobility, food security, community resilience, well-being and social housing.  Applicants will approach social issues in a way that embraces their complexity, bringing them to life through a story or series of stories. Submissions will be judged by a panel of high profile experts from across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Further information is on the Koreo Prize website; the closing date is 3rd April 2017.