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Summer Internship Programme – don’t leave it to the last minute!

Blogged by Karen Walker on 12/02/2018.

Exciting times here in the Internship Office – with the application deadline for the Summer Internship Programme’s international batch fast approaching, we’re really happy to see that applications are coming in thick and fast! Applications for the international batch close at noon on Monday 19 February, so you have about ten days left to apply.

  • Don’t leave it till the last minute…

It makes sense to start working on your application sooner rather than later. Once you’ve decided which internships you’re interested in, take your time to read through the requirements for each one, and to do a bit of research about the organisation and previous interns’ experiences, if relevant. Because every internship will vary, you might find that you need to write very different applications for each one (remember, you can apply for up to three in the international batch) – and even if they’re similar placements, you should still be tailoring your CV and personal statement to the specific role and organisation. This will all take time; possibly more time than you originally thought! So it’s a good idea to get started soon, not least so that you can see the size of the task in hand and plan accordingly.

Applications close at noon, but please don’t leave it until 11:59am to press the submit button! Be aware that technical problems can happen even to the best-prepared applicants, and an overloaded application system at the deadline could lead to additional glitches. We’d really appreciate it if you could submit your application in advance of the deadline so that we have time to help you fix any technical problems that arise.

  • Use our resources…

The Internship Office web pages have lots of advice and information about how to apply, and the Careers Service website has general information about cover letters and CVs. Make sure you have a good browse around the site – it’s all there to help you make your application the best it can be. You can make an appointment to come in for an application support session too, where we can assist and give advice about the process of writing your personal statement and refining your CV. We really do mean it when we say that for the Summer Internship Programme your CV must be one side of A4 only, so if you need some help topping and tailing it please do come in and see us.

It can be helpful to have a look at what previous interns say about their internship experience. Why not have a look at our very clever interactive map (or choose ‘list’ view at the bottom of the page if you prefer). Here you can read feedback and advice given by interns from a wide range of sectors and organisations. You might find that someone went to your preferred organisation in a previous year, or did a similar sort of project elsewhere, and you can glean some useful tips for your application just by reading what they have to say.

So, best of luck with your application, and remember: get started on it soon, give yourself time to do the necessary work, and try to get it submitted early if at all possible. And if you need us – we’re here! Make an appointment via CareerConnect – we’d love to see you.