Get Interview Practice

If you have an interview coming up, we frequently have mock interviews – with real employers – that you can book in advance. In each session, the interviewer will see your CV in advance, give you a competency interview, and then give feedback on your performance.

Our interviewers are all professional recruiters from a variety of sectors. However most interviews will be of a generic nature – based on skills, interests, and generic criteria, and will not be occupational or sector orientated. The only exception is special practice interviews for Solicitors and Barristers, which are clearly advertised as such. All interviewers will see your CV in advance.

Interviews are advertised in our emailed newsletter, and also on CareerConnect.

You have the option to have the practice interview recorded, for you to review your performance later: you’ll need a pen drive to record it onto.

Please note that due to high demand you are only allowed to book one mock interview per term