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About the programme

The Student Consultancy is a programme of learning and development activities that links University of Oxford students to local Oxfordshire businesses and community organisations.

An innovative and unique programme, The Student Consultancy provides employability skills training and work-based experiences to students and an opportunity for local SMEs, charities and community organisations to access free consultancy services.

Students from all disciplines and year levels participate in the programme and work in teams to address a strategic issue or business problem affecting the organisation.

As Clients, your business will:

  • gain an innovative, outside perspective to a business challenge
  • benefit from students’ enthusiasm, creativity, fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge/skills
  • receive insightful recommendations produced by the students, with the guidance and support of project mentors
  • share your expertise and knowledge about your industry with eager students
  • have no obligation to take action on advice and recommendations
  • provide feedback to students and programme management about the project

Ideally, you will be an Oxfordshire based charity, community organisation, social enterprise, small business, City or County council department, arts or cultural institution and have a particular issue or area you would like a team of consultants to work on. It is a chance to explore areas of marketing, revenue generation, branding, customer awareness or strategy that you may not usually have the time or resources to look at.

While teams will have a business mentor to help them shape their work and provide you with useful recommendations, clients do have to consider that The Student Consultancy is primarily a learning experience for students, and their skill levels will vary.

How to get involved

After an initial training programme at the Careers Service, teams of four students (including one Team Leader) will work on a project over the course of their eight-week term. We understand that each project, client and team are different and will develop their own way of working together. The following is a guideline of the time and resources you would need to commit to when hosting a team of consultants:

  • An initial discussion with the Careers Service about your business need and the scope of the project
  • Submission of a short project proposal
  • Compilation of a “pack” of useful data and company information for the students to commence their project
  • An initial 1 hour meeting with your student team
  • Ad hoc support to students via email and phone for additional information
  • A mid-point meeting to ensure that the teams are on track and that you are happy with the direction and progress of the work
  • Final report presentation with key representatives from your organisation
  • Drinks Reception – to thank you for your time and allow you to meet with other clients, mentors and student teams

Host a team

Submissions are being sought from companies who would like to host a team of student consultants. During the training week students will choose projects, and you will be notified if we would like you to host a team. As this is a termly programme (run 3 times a year), we will offer you the chance to host more than one team, or to have an ongoing project with a number of teams. We understand that you are volunteering your time and energy to The Student Consultancy, and hope that it provides an exciting opportunity for you to share your knowledge and inspire Oxford students, whilst gaining useful insights for the strategic development of your organisation.

The terms and conditions are below. If you would like to discuss becoming a client of The Student Consultancy, please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 18652 74646 or by email at

Terms & conditions

The Student Consultancy is a new programme of learning and development activities for University of Oxford students. It provides employability skills training and work-based experiences to students whilst at the same time giving free consultancy to local businesses, charities and community organisations (Clients).

After an initial induction period facilitated by the University of Oxford Careers Service, teams of students undertake short, limited scope projects for Clients. Whilst of course the University will do what it can to structure and operate this programme efficiently, it will be appreciated that neither the University nor the student participants will owe any duty of care to Clients; or accept any responsibility for the work undertaken or the advice given in the course of what is a free and amateur service. All liability is therefore disclaimed, to the maximum extent permitted by law. In particular:

  1. The University and the students do not warrant the accuracy of any information, written or spoken, provide by the student teams, and Clients should not rely on its accuracy to make decisions.
  2. Project teams do not have, or hold themselves out to have, specialist or expert knowledge.
  3. In general, teams should not be expected to spend much time on a client’s site; however, if they do, then the health and safety responsibility rests with the Client.
  4. No commitment can be made as to the amount of time students can or will spend on a project as it is understood that this work has to be fitted around their academic obligations that take first priority. Clients and teams will be expected to clarify timing and scope at the start and from time to time during the project.

The students will own the copyright in their reports, but each Client will have a free, irrecoverable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use each report which it commissions, for the purpose of the Client’s operations.

This information was last updated on 25 August 2015.
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Student helpers needed for fairs

Blogged by John Gilbert on October 9, 2015.

Your help is needed! Do you have an interest in events and/or earning a few extra pennies??

The Careers Service regularly offer part time opportunities to students and we are currently looking for students to help out at the Michaelmas Term Careers Fairs. These fairs are great fun and a good addition to your CV!

The first fair is on 21 October (you can see the dates of other fairs on our fairs webpage). Rate of pay is £7.88 per hour.

The work will involve helping fair attendees (students and employers), as well as assisting Careers Service Staff. Please note that some manual lifting will be required.

The roles include assisting in setting up the exhibition stands (assembling display panels, arranging tables, chairs and linen etc.), arrange for materials that have been delivered to the venue to be taken to the employers stand, meet and greet employers on their arrival to the fair and assist with carrying any materials. During the fair responsibilities will include ensuring that employers have sufficient water and refreshments and taking away any rubbish. At the end of the fair, assisting employers with any materials that are required to be taken to cars/coaches on their departure, taking down display stands and clearing away.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Keren Young, Employer Relations Team Leader by emailing to express your interest, and she will email you further details in due course.

Meet Nomura one-to-one

Posted on behalf of Nomura. Blogged by Employer Relations Team on October 8, 2015.

Would you appreciate having a practice interview or advice on your CV from a real employer?

On Monday 19th October, Nomura will be providing you with practical advice and tips on how to make your application stand out, in one of the Careers Service’s “Recruiter in Residence” sessions. The investment banking recruitment process is highly competitive and these one-to-one informal appointments are designed to help you navigate the recruitment process, understand what investment banks look for, strengthen your CVs and cover letters and learn practical ways to prepare for interviews.

Appointments are available 1 week prior to each event. To make an appointment you will need to book your time slot through CareerConnect. Login to CareerConnect and search under events, click on ‘Book Now’ and select an available time. If your preferred time is not available you will be added to a waiting list and notified if it becomes available.

Please phone reception (01865 274646) if you have any questions.

Meet PwC one-to-one

Posted on behalf of PwC. Blogged by Employer Relations Team on October 8, 2015.

On Monday 19th October, PwC will be holding one-to-one, informal appointments with students at the Careers Service in a “Recruiter-in-Residence” session. Get an expert assessment of your current employability skills. An insight into what the big graduate employers are looking for. And valuable advice that will help boost your chances of getting that job you really want.

These one-to-one sessions with recruiters at PwC can really make your prospects brighter. Not only will you discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You’ll also be able to pinpoint what you could do to make yourself more attractive to graduate recruiters. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come and meet us. You could walk away with some great ideas about your future. It doesn’t matter what year you’re in or what you’re studying, we have opportunities for students in every year group and from all degree subjects.

Appointments are available 1 week prior to each event. To make an appointment you will need to book your time slot through CareerConnect. Login to CareerConnect and search under events, click on ‘Book Now’ and select an available time. If your preferred time is not available you will be added to a waiting list and notified if it becomes available.

Please phone reception (01865 274646) if you have any questions.

Having a Disability & Career Planning Events

Blogged by Annie Dutton on October 8, 2015.

Many individuals with a disability, long term health condition(eg chronic fatigue), mental health issues (eg depression) or are dyslexic or dyspraxic express concern about how their circumstances might impact on their career choice to how recruiters will perceive them in the selection process. Trying to decide what is ‘right for you’ when taking into account your personal circumstances can sometimes be difficult to work out. Here at the Careers Service we have designated Careers Advisers who have experience and knowledge of the area of disability and health and employment and you may find it helpful to arrange to see them to talk through your possible concerns and identify how you may want to present your circumstances.

Alongside 1:1 help there are several events organised by the Careers Service or by recruiters targeting disabled students that are run throughout the year. Key events for Michaelmas term include:

To find out more about events available login to  CareerConnect. For more information on  disability and employment see our Equality and Employment page.

The Path to Paddington: Film & TV careers profile

Blogged by Julia Hilton on October 8, 2015.

Considering a career in TV and film? Simon Bobin, VP for International Distribution at Studio Canal (makers of the recent Paddington movie), tells us about his career to date and why he joined this global giant. Studio Canal, part of Canal+ Groupe, are recruiting graduates across their offices for a range of roles in, and related to, TV and film. Find out more at the Oxford Arts, Media and Marketing Fair on Thursday 5th November at the Oxford Town Hall from 2-6pm where we’ll be joined by an industry professional from Studio Canal. Start looking for opportunities via Canal+ on LinkedIn.

How would you describe your career path in a few words?

I started as an intern at Paramount Pictures in 2004 the International Marketing Department where I stayed for 3 years after being promoted to Marketing coordinator; I then left for Sony in 2007 and worked as a Sales manager in the regional EMEA office supervising all marketing and distribution activities for the Licensee markets. I left Sony in January 2014 after 6 years to join Studiocanal in the Paris head office as VP International Distribution, where I oversee the theatrical launches of all Studiocanal feature films in US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

How did you hear about CANAL +?

I was approached for the role by Studiocanal HR department, but I was already aware that Canal + was a Pay TV giant in Europe.

Why CANAL +?

Studiocanal is a growing film company with huge potential, and that is why I joined the company in the first place. It’s big enough to make blockbuster films like PADDINGTON and NON STOP, but small enough to still work with interesting and diverse film-makers who continue to push the boundaries. I also like that we are the No.1 European film studio, so the films we produce appeal to European and international audiences – and not just for US audiences.

What is the added-value for international profiles to join the CANAL + Group?

It’s an exciting place to be right now, and we are becoming more international all the time – there are now several nationalities working in the Paris head office, namely British, American, Italian, Australian, the list goes on! Although Studiocanal is part of the large CANAL + group, we do not have the massive resources or high staff levels of a major US studio and so junior people can get much more exposure and responsibility at a younger age. This is a real plus point in attracting young talent here as they can climb the ladder quickly. We recently appointed our first head of department who was still in their late twenties!

How does it feel to work in a French company?

I love working and living in a beautiful city like Paris after spending 10 years in London. It’s fascinating seeing the differences between the two cities, and also between the work culture and ethic. I wish that UK employees would take their lunch break as seriously as the French!

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