Get consulting experience with the Oxford Strategy Challenge

Applications are open for our popular team-based, experiential learning event, the Oxford Strategy Challenge. This is a chance to gain hands-on client work experience and make a real contribution to an organisation.

Apply now on CareerConnect for the April-May Programme

The Oxford Strategy Challenge is a hackathon-inspired consultancy challenge. You will work with a small team providing consultancy to an organisation on a project that is important to them. 

Once you have received your client brief, get ready for some intensive work with your team. You will have five days to tackle the problem your client has set. The programme will help you build real life examples of key employment skills that you can deploy on your CV, cover letters, and in your interviews. 

We invite current all current students to apply, from 1st years to DPhils and researchers. Submit your application for the April-May programme by 9AM on Friday, 22 April 2022, on CareerConnect. Note that places are limited and applications will close early if the programme is over subscribed.

Applications are also open for the late spring cohorts on the programme so if you are not available in April-May, you can apply for the May-June programme.

For more information, see our briefing on the Oxford Strategy Challenge, or contact us on