Careers in International Development - Panel Talks

International development is focused on engaging with economically disadvantaged regions in the world to empower people to improve their well-being and address causes and effects of poverty. Jobs in this sector are diverse, encompassing topics such as governance, healthcare, education, gender, disaster preparedness, infrastructure, economics and livelihoods, human rights, forced migration, security, conflict, the environment and other associated issues.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in international development, then join our upcoming panel events with speakers working in the sector.

Careers in International Development – Senior Professionals

Monday, 15 February, 13:00-14:15

This panel event is a unique opportunity to hear senior professionals in the sector speak on a range of topics such as, their careers, their thoughts on the current and future opportunities and challenges for the sector and what they look for when they recruit.

Our panellists include: Camilla Knox-Peebles, Chief Executive of Amref Health Africa UK, Maia Gedde, Head of Business Development at Mowgli Mentoring and Diana Skelton who is part of the National Coordination Team at ATD Fourth World UK. They have all worked extensively across the international development sector and have previously worked in a diverse range of organisations such as Oxfam, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Careers in International Development - Early Career Professionals

Tuesday, 23 February, 17:00-18:15

The International Development sector offers a diverse and international range of career opportunities. The varied specialisms and organisations in the sector can sometimes make it challenging to find work experience and jobs, especially as there are very few formal graduate/entry-level programmes.

This panel event is a great opportunity to hear from early career professionals within the sector, speaking about their careers, how they found work experience opportunities and jobs and give advice on entry routes into the sector. Our panellists have worked at a range of organisations within the sector such as UNICEF, the World Food Programme (WFP), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Pamela Steele Associates (an Oxford based consultancy focused on supply chain transformation in the public health and humanitarian sectors).


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