Middle Temple's Access to the Bar Award Scheme 2021 now open

Middle Temple is running its Access to the Bar Awards scheme again in 2021. The scheme  is an example of how Middle Temple aims to reach able students from backgrounds which do not traditionally encourage aspirations for a career at the Bar and help them to make an informed choice about their opportunities.

About the scheme 

Funded by the donations of senior members of the Inn, the scheme provides two funded weeks (£250 per week) of work experience every summer for up to thirty undergraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds. One week is spent marshalling (i.e. shadowing a judge in court) and the other week in chambers with a barrister.

Where possible chambers and courts close to the candidate’s home are selected for the scheme. However where necessary the Inn will provide accommodation to complete the scheme in London. Candidates will also receive invitations to networking events.

How to apply

Professor Laura Hoyano continues to administer the scheme for candidates from the University of Oxford.

Please note that the deadline to send (a) applications in the required form, (b) a letter from your College Academic Office with Law Moderations and/or other degree results, and (c) two confidential academic references from the applicants' tutors to Professor Hoyano is 17:00 on Friday, 29 January 2021 (laura.hoyano@law.ox.ac.uk). It is the student's responsibility to ensure that applications are complete; missing information or references will not be chased. Applicants should ask their tutors to send the references directly to Professor Hoyano.

Professor Hoyano is a practising barrister at Red Lion Chambers, and is also the Senior Member of the University of Oxford Bar Society. She would be happy to speak to any Oxford student considering applying for the scheme, or indeed considering going to the Bar.

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