New Careers Series - Law Beyond the Obvious

If you are considering a career in law and would either like to start to explore some of the different options available or learn more about some of the roles which exist beyond those of barrister and solicitor, then please join the events in our new "Law Beyond the Obvious" series.  

Law Beyond the Obvious: Careers in Governance. 10 February, 13:00-14:00

We will be hosting our first talk on "Careers in Governance", where we will be joined by law and non law Oxford alumni who are working in this area. If you are interested in a role where you can have early access to board members, where you can be influencial and strategic and where you can gain a professional qualification then please tune in!

Law Beyond the Obvious: Human Rights Law. 24 February, 13:00-14:30

Our second event, coming up in Week 6 will focus on "Human Rights Law" and again, you will be able to hear from Oxford graduates who have gone on to work for organisations such as Human Rights Watch, the ICJ, the FCO and the UNHCR.

If you have other ideas of areas that you would like to see us cover in future then please let us know and send any ideas to 


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