Last few days to apply for Round 3 of the Summer Internship Programme

Choose your summer adventure with a global internship!

We are delighted to announce that applications are open for more work experience opportunities through the Summer Internship Programme 2021

This third round of summer internships includes funded opportunities in the UK and abroad, and there is no limit to the number of internships you can apply for. All internships that are part of the Summer Internship Programme are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate Oxford students.

You can browse and apply for this round of internships through our Summer Internship Programme Sector List or on CareerConnect in the 'Internship Office and Skills Programmes' section, by 12 April 2021. 

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Where to find help with your applications

If you need help with your application, book a 'Short Discussion' with one of our Career Advisers on CareerConnect in the 'Appointments' section.

Our specialist Careers Advisers have backgrounds in a wide range of sectors, and can offer objective and confidential advice on your CV and personal statement according to your individual needs.

Visit our website for advice on writing a successful CV and personal statement, and how to prepare for a summer internship with our Essential Internship Guidance.

Guidance for taking part in the Summer Internship Programme 2021

The Summer Internship Programme 2021 is advertising both remote internships (which can be undertaken from any location) and in-person internships (which are undertaken at the employer’s premises). 

While there are currently significant travel restrictions around the world, it is possible that some of these might start easing by the summer. However, in-person internships can only go ahead if all relevant restrictions have been lifted.

It is essential that interns regularly check the Foreign Office website, as well as local guidance on Covid-19 restrictions to ensure the internship can be undertaken. This is particularly important if you have applied for, or accepted, an internship outside of your country of residency. 

Do not proceed with booking or paying for travel or accommodation until you have checked:

  • The rules for entering the destination country (is travel allowed, will you need to pay for quarantine or coronavirus tests) and how will this be financed.
  • The rules for returning either to the UK or to your country of residence after the internship (for example testing and quarantine rules), and how this can be financed.

While we are currently facilitating internships in all countries, we may, in due course, have to formally withdraw internships from the programme if the location in which they are due to be undertaken continue to pose significant health and travel risks.