Skill development programmes in Trinity 2021

Making time for extra-curricular activities alongside your studies can not only be enriching personally, but professionally too. Learning new skills and developing those you already have will contribute to your overall employability as the majority of organisations look for both academic qualifications and interests beyond academia.

To help you build your employability skills, we run a number of original Oxford Careers Service events in Trinity term. Applications are now open, so submit your applications and take part in programmes that could help plan your next career move. 

    Insight into Strategy and Management

    This programme is designed to help you demonstrate to prospective employers a broad understanding of business; explain the marketing essentials that are core to business strategy; explain business finance principles and commonly used reports and tools; apply the knowledge and skills you learn to cases in the future, and more. Apply for Insight into Strategy and Management by 22 April 2021.

    The Oxford Strategy Challenge

    We are pleased to confirm that we will be running the Oxford Strategy Challenge, our hackathon inspired consultancy challenge, twice more this academic year:

    On the programme, you have the opportunity to develop skills in working effectively as part of a remote team, managing a client relationship, collecting data under time pressure, reacting quickly to unexpected changes, and summarising and presenting your findings to a client. The Challenge aims to provide you with real-world client work experience and development opportunities across key employment skills that you can deploy on your CV, cover letters, and at interviews.

    The Oxford Strategy Challenge is open to current Oxford undergraduate and postgraduate students, and research staff. 

    After completing the Challenge, participants will be eligible to apply to The Student Consultancy.

    The Researcher Strategy Consultancy

    The Researcher Strategy Consultancy aims to provide early career researchers (late stage DPhil students and research staff) with an opportunity to develop the core employability skills required for a transition into analytical, business, or policy roles in a range of sectors. Applications close at 9:00 AM on 12 April 2021Apply now for the Researcher Strategy Consultancy

    First or second year DPhils or students at an earlier stage in their academic careers can apply to join The Oxford Strategy Challenge

    Career Design and Development for Researchers

    This original Oxford Careers Service programme for for Oxford University DPhil students and Research Staff will combine individual, paired and group activities to stimulate thinking, explore new areas and practice new ways of self-expression on work-related topics and tools relevant to researchers.

    To attend, please sign up on the event page on CareerConnect by 16:00 on 28 April 2021, then mark your diary to attend all three workshops. Apply now for Career Design and Development

    If you have any questions about the programmes, get in touch with us on