The Christopher Moore Internship Bursary for Visually Impaired Students

The Internship Office is pleased to announce that Christopher Moore, a visually impaired alumnus, is generously offering a bursary to support visually impaired undergraduate students with the costs associated with internships.

The intention of the bursary is to cover costs associated with internships for visually impaired undergraduates. This includes costs for specific equipment and support students may need to take part in an internship, as well as general costs. The maximum amount students can apply for is £3,000.

The bursary will be administered through the Internship Office, and can be used for internships offered as part of the University’s Summer Internship Programme and Micro-internship Programme, as well as internships sourced outside of these programmes.

Download the Christopher Moore Internship Bursary Form

To apply, please email the Internship Bursary form to

The deadline for applications is Monday, 24 May 2021.