The Oxford Guide to Careers 2023 is out now

The Oxford Guide to Careers 2023 is a comprehensive resource compiled by the careers advisers at the University of Oxford Careers Service. It encompasses everything from application advice, to guidance for developing your career ideas, as well as suggestions for how to gain experience and develop relevant skills.

There are  22 sector breakdowns with detailed information about what the sector is, what kind of roles might be available, and ideas about how to get in. Not only that, but each sector breakdown includes profiles from recent alumni so that you can see how people who were in a very similar position that you are in now have managed to get where you want to go - let yourself get inspired!

Read the Oxford Guide to Careers 2023

The Guide is not just a resource for finalists; it's for all Oxford students and graduates.


It’s never too soon to start thinking about what you might want to do after university. You can use the Guide to:

  • Learn how to best develop your career ideas and become aware of the skills you might need for the industry you are interested in.

  • Discover how to write a great CV.

  • Get ideas about the kinds of extracurriculars you could get involved in according to your personal interests..

TOP TIP: "Make use of the Oxford ecosystem. There are many opportunities to find out what different careers actually entail; work on diverse projects; meet like-minded people; or gain additional skills. Step out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, explore and enjoy!" - Mehak Mumtaz, MSc Biochem, St. Hilda’s College, 2012, DPhil Pathology, St. Edmund Hall, 2017, The Oxford Guide to Careers 2023

Penultimate years

This is a great time to start seriously focusing on what you might do after graduating and developing your plans if you haven’t started already. The Guide is a great resource for you to:

  • See what kinds of experience former students had which facilitated them securing the position they have now.

  • Learn about the work experience opportunities available to you and explore your sectors of interest.

  • Update your CV and write a cover letter that boosts your chances of securing internships and other work in the vacations by using the application advice pages.

TOP TIP: "Despite the challenging academic workloads, make time for extracurricular activities because the skills you learn here will be invaluable and help you later with your job interviews. Recruiters appreciate the extra effort and time that goes in these activities and enjoy listening to competency examples from outside of academia." - Dr Lakshmi Manjoosha Adapa, MEng Engineering Science, Jesus College, 2008; DPhil Engineering Science, St Edmund Hall, 2012, The Oxford Guide to Careers 2023


Even if you haven’t started thinking about what you might want to do after graduation yet, don’t worry! It is never too late, and The Guide is here to help you figure it out. If you do have some fixed (or even fuzzy!) ideas, the Guide can help you to put them into action.

  • The Guide offers you a detailed framework for considering your own skills and interests, and identifying the kind of career in which those are reflected.

  • If you have applied, or are planning to apply, for graduate schemes and post-university jobs, you can find detailed tips for preparing for, and acing, each stage of the application process.

  • It is important to build your visibility, especially for creative careers, or in sectors such as journalism, publishing and charity, where networking and speculative approaches can be important to uncover opportunities. Read about how to network ethically and cringe-free.

TOP TIP: “It’s OK not to know what to do and it’s OK to take your time to find it. If you find something you really want and truly believe you’re suited to then you have a much better chance of getting the job and of enjoying it.” - Rachel Ballard, Music, New College, 2016, The Oxford Guide to Careers 2023

Now is the time to actively think about life after university. It can be overwhelming, but the Guide simplifies everything in one place for you. Take the first steps by reading The Oxford Guide to Careers 2023 now.