Working in the Charity sector

Are you passionate about a cause? Keen to make an impact and feel that you have made a tangible difference?

Working in the charity sector can be immensely rewarding, although it also has its challenges. It’s a vibrant, dynamic sector; many charities operating today are highly professional, efficient organisations which are finding new ways to adapt to the changes in funding patterns and political landscape, such as the impact of Brexit and Covid-19. 

We have a number of events planned in Hilary 2021 to help you gain insights into the sector and ways of getting experience. 

Ask an Intern - Getting experience in the Charity sector

25 January 2021, 13:00-14:00

Come along to this panel session to hear from those who have gained work experience in a charity or not-for-profit to find out  what their role involved to their tips for applying.  There will be a range of speakers from those who have been micro-interns and/or  summer interns.

Charity Graduate Schemes

26 January 2021, 14:00-15:00

Join us in this session to hear about the schemes that recruit into the Charity sector and to gain insight into one particular programme: CharityWorks. As a potential Charityworks Trainee you will deliver a full time job in a partner charity or housing association, and take part in an acclaimed leadership programme which will introduce you to what you need to work and lead in the non-profit sector.

The Only Way is Ethics

Open to all Oxford University undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers, this structured programme provides a glimpse of the many different paths available to drive forward social progress and change. Sign up for our next three sessions of The Only Way is Ethics, each made up of a lecture programme and a social action programme: 

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