Ignite – for Schools

Ignite aims to help develop pupils’ assertiveness and confidence in academic, extra-curricular, family, social and eventual career activities.

The programme is aimed at secondary school pupils (ages 11-18) and to be delivered within the school by teachers / PSHE tutors. It is available in modules to be applied and used as appropriate.

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Benefits to pupils

  • The theme of self-confidence is introduced to all age groups including those students at the start of secondary school
  • ….and the theme of careers is addressed in modules for older students
  • A wide range of topics is covered. (See “The Four Modules” section below.)
  • “Teacher talk time” is minimised. Lessons are built around discussion in pairs, whole-class discussions, and interactive activities.
  • A wide range of activities are included, such as word-sorts, storyboarding, role-play, written exercises, quizzes, video content and more.

Benefits to teachers

  • There are Four Modules; Understanding yourselfAsserting yourselfMarketing yourselfNetworking & connecting (further details below) which incorporate individual lessons
  • Each lesson is offered in a 20, 3045 or 60 minute version – allowing teachers to pick the  module and lesson that is most suitable for their needs
  • Preparation time is minimal: teachers can simply check what resources are needed for each lesson beforehand, and then follow the instructions on screen.
  • Lessons can be delivered on an interactive whiteboard, on iPads, or using a  laptop.
  • The flexible, short modules and lessons can be easily integrated into the wider curriculum.

Ignite consists of four modules, with several lessons in each. Activities within lessons of the same title are designed differently for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

Understanding yourself

Lesson title KS3 (ages 11-14) KS4 (ages 14-16) KS5 (ages 16-18)

The Importance of Values




Understanding your Values

Yes Yes Yes

Identifying Possible Careers




How we Respond to Change

Yes Yes Yes


Asserting yourself

Lesson title KS3 (ages 11-14) KS4 (ages 14-16) KS5 (ages 16-18)
Acting with Confidence Yes Yes Yes
Having Assertive Conversations Yes Yes Yes



Networking & connecting

Lesson title KS3 (ages 11-14) KS4 (ages 14-16) KS5 (ages 16-18)
Your Network Yes Yes Yes
Information Interviews Yes Yes Yes



Marketing yourself

Lesson title KS3 (ages 11-14) KS4 (ages 14-16) KS5 (ages 16-18)
Writing your CV   Yes Yes
Identifying your Skills Yes Yes Yes
Writing in a Formal Style Yes    
Writing Cover Letters   Yes Yes
Preparing for Job Interviews   Yes Yes
Writing Personal Statements     Yes

Lesson went really well. Activities short and meaningful. Awesome first use of this site.
– KS3 Teacher

Great resources and great idea.
– KS5 Teacher

The range of activities and topics across the various lessons kept the class motivated, engaged and learning. I found it a fantastic resource.
– KS3 Teacher


Please register for access: https://www.ignite.ox.ac.uk/GainAccess.php

The programme is free of charge to all UK state-funded schools.

There is a £0.50 per student-on-roll fee for independent schools and schools outside of the UK.

If you have any questions about the programme, please email us at: ignite@careers.ox.ac.uk

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