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If your school would like to participate in the expanding Insight into Teaching programme please contact us.

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  • Gaining experience and informing decisions: To give Oxford University students a taste of what a career in teaching could offer, not only to discover whether or not they wish to teach, but also to discern which part of the education sector might best suit them.
  • Inspiring school pupils: Giving pupils access to university students. Some placement students have delivered, for example, extension activities on their experience of university life and admissions.
  • Building connections: To strengthen links between schools and the University of Oxford, and the Careers Service in particular.
  • Three days in school for two or more Oxford University students.
  • A programme of observation of a variety of classes/teachers, with the opportunity to contribute to a lesson if appropriate.
  • A named contact on the staff to coordinate with us.
  • Schools can specify the departments that are willing to host students, or leave it open, and choose which three days during the week of the programme to host students.
  • We will advertise the programme to students, manage the applications and screen the applicants to provide you with students for the placements you offer.
  • We will run a pre-placement workshop for all participating students covering our expectations of them and insights into how to make the most of their time in school.
  • We will seek feedback from students and from participating schools to inform future programmes.
  • And, we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have!

If you’re interested in finding out more or in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at or phone us on 01865 274665.

Contact: Abby Evans, Careers Adviser & Insight into Teaching programme co-ordinator.

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