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This profile was written by a student who interned at Astro Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the summer of 2016 through the Summer Internship Programme.

Amrita Mojumdar

eg. 1st year undergraduate, BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oriel College

Work Projects

The internship duration was about 11 weeks – of which the first two weeks I spent learning the necessary skills to analyse and visualize large amounts of data. My supervisors were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and providing useful resources in order to develop these necessary skills. While producing reports and analysing data, my supervisors took care to check my work and progress to ensure that I could be tasked with bigger projects, and once reassured that I had taken the appropriate care with smaller projects at the beginning, assigned me a largely independent project to complete – which I submitted well ahead of schedule. They ensured that beyond this independent project that I was engaged in presentations and team meetings relevant to the department and its functions. The team I worked with was very helpful, supportive and inclusive, and made my experience at Astro valuable. I also wrote an article on data analysis, which my supervisor had encouraged me to do in an effort to contextualize data analysis beyond its application in our team. The link to the article is here:

Daily Life

I got to work on the metro (only about a 20 minute commute), and the company provided a shuttle service for all its employees from the nearest metro station to the company building in Technology Park Malaysia (TPM). My fellow interns were a great asset in terms of friendship, travel, and socializing, recommending places to visit while I was in Malaysia and even hosting me in their homes a few times! I spent most of my time outside of the internship traveling and trying new foods. We often had team lunches on Fridays – which were also a much more casual affair both due to company policy and the importance of Friday prayers for Muslims in Malaysia.

Lasting Impressions

During my internship, as well as subsequent travels around Malaysia, I really developed a love for the people I had met and places I had travelled to – while simultaneously helping me develop a sense of self-confidence in managing so well on my own. I would definitely travel to Malaysia again to work for a short period of time, perhaps a few years – as I don’t see myself living there long term. Since I had never encountered data analysis before, the experience exposed me to a career I had never considered before, but am now seriously considering going forward.