Juliet Tomlinson

Co-Head of Careers Team

Juliet Tomlinson


Politics (Southampton University); Diploma in Careers Guidance (Reading University

Previous experience

Juliet spent the first 13 years of her career working for Procter & Gamble in customer business development roles including sales and marketing. During this time she was also involved in designing and delivering training for new graduates. Following a short career break for her family she worked in a start-up recruitment company. This role developed her ongoing interest in career development which led to her completing the Diploma in Careers Guidance and then on to the Oxford Careers Service.

In her current role at Oxford, Juliet has a focus on careers in the legal sector and in supporting both law and non law students wishing to consider the many career options available. She chaired a national advisory group on the legal professions and was very involved in the recent changes to qualification as a solicitor/barrister ( the Solicitors Qualifying Exam and Future Bar Training). She is also involved in outreach activities arranged within the Law Faculty such as the UNIQ and Pathways to Law programmes for school students considering careers in this sector. In addition she also supports students considering careers within the public sector and charities.

Colleges & departments

Juliet works with the Law Faculty and is the link adviser for Jesus College and Lincoln College.

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Areas of interest

Law, Public Sector, and Charities

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