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Young people are set to benefit from more numerous, more effective and more meaningful opportunities to think and learn about careers, in an employment market which is changing more profoundly than previous generations could have imagined.

High-quality research by the Gatsby Foundation identifying best practice in Careers Education in schools around the world and within the UK has, to the delight of many Careers Education Professionals, become enshrined in statutory guidance from the Department for Education from January 2018. This offers a unique opportunity to ensure that young people in the UK enjoy a world-class Careers Education.

Schools are taking on the challenge of making this a reality for young learners, and the University of Oxford Careers Service is excited to be able to take part in and assist with this challenge.

Oxford Opportunity North is an unprecedented programme offering maintained sector schools in the North of England a range of six Careers Education programmes, free of charge, which help to improve outcomes for students from Year 7 to Year 13. See our overview of the programmes, which include:

• two online tools which develop students’ thinking on Careers and aid their school’s direction of valuable resources and time;
• a flexible online module of lessons to encourage Careers-related self-awareness;
• two opportunities to enjoy valuable work with Oxford undergraduates and postgraduates over a short period;
• for Sixth Formers, a full-blown consultancy project with a local social enterprise which brings tangible benefits to learners and their client.

Some of the programmes have evolved from programmes enjoyed by undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of Oxford, as part of outstanding Careers Guidance provision for them during their Higher Education; others have been pioneered exclusively for use in schools.  All six programmes have already encouraged school students to enjoy, reflect on, and relish the challenge of thinking about themselves, their prospective choices, and the world of work.

Meaningful experiences for students are reflected in outcomes for schools in their work to develop Careers Education and Guidance.  The six programmes can all effect meaningful improvement against Gatsby benchmarks: see our mapping brochure for more information about how the programmes respond to issues raised about Careers Education in schools in recent years, including the Gatsby benchmarks themselves.

We have been visiting schools in northern England from September 2018, to discuss with Careers professionals and Senior Leaders in schools how the programmes will make a difference to their young people.  During school visits we will take the opportunity to talk to students and staff about studying at the University of Oxford.

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If you are a Careers Leader in a state school in northern England, we look forward to contacting you, or to hearing from you on oxfordopportunitynorth@careers.ox.ac.uk.

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