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Resources to help you with career planning

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 23/03/2020.

We realise that it’s a very difficult time for many of you, given the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. However, some of you may be using this time of reflection to think about your career development, and we are here to support you.

Signpost with various directions

We have put together a list of useful resources to help you at different stages in your career planning, written by our expert Careers Advisers.

Where and how to start

A degree opens up a wide variety of potential career directions and it can be hard to decide what you want to do after graduating. Read about how to start researching the roles and sectors that you might enjoy working in, and start Generating Career Ideas. We also recommend that you use our interactive career planning tool, Career Weaver. And remember, the careers advisory team is here to support you.

If you have a clear focus that you are working towards

Whether your focus is a logical next step from your degree, or comes from career planning (or even a hunch), developing the employability skills that recruiters look for is key. For further insight into careers in various sectors, read the alumni and employer testimonials in the Oxford Guide to Careers. If you are interested in further study, read up on the different Types of Postgraduate Courses available.

If you have ideas but are not sure what’s right for you

If you are already exploring options and taking on different roles to build skills and experiences, see our How to Make a Careers Decision briefing for guidance and tools to help you identify your pattern of interests and motivations, or even Consider your Motivations for Further Study. If you are struggling to narrow your focus, a confidential chat with a Careers Adviser can help you gain clarity.

If you are well organised and clear about your next steps

If you have placed yourself in this category, then you may already be applying and interviewing for various opportunities. See how to Demonstrate You Fit the Job Criteria, and build applications that stand out with our briefings on: CVsCover Letters and Application Forms. Once shortlisted, see what the different Types of Interview are, Interview Technique, how to Make a Good First Impression, and even consider Telephone and Video Interviews.

And remember, you can still benefit from our guidance and make the most of our online resources to explore your options, make decisions and work purposefully towards a successful future.