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Applying for our funds

The Internship Office manages a number of internship scholarships and grants which are allocated to students who undertake internships through the Summer Internship Programme. Some of the scholarships are open to all our students who secure an internship through the programme while others are awarded subject to eligibility.

If you have been offered an internship

If a host organisation has offered you an internship which is advertised as having an internship award attached, you must let us know as soon as possible so that we can check your eligibility (if any apply) so we can transfer the funding to you. Please email the Internship Office Finance Officer, with the details of your placement.

Our funding sources

Alumni Association Travel Grants

The University’s Alumni Association generously offers £4,000 per annum to support internships. These grants are pre-allocated to particular placements as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect.

Association of Commonwealth Universities 

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is the voice of higher education in the Commonwealth. A UK-registered charity, the ACU is the world’s first international university network, established in 1913. The ACU has more than 500 member institutions in over 50 countries, and brings together some of the most prestigious universities internationally with relatively new institutions in some of the world’s least developed countries.

Through targeted grants, scholarships, innovative programmes and projects, and professional development opportunities, the ACU helps member universities to build the capacity of their emerging academics and strengthen the systems in place to support their development. The ACU are generously co-funding internships based in Commonwealth countries. The awards come attached to internships advertised through the Summer Internship Programme, which are listed on CareerConnect.

BP Internship AwardsBPlogo

BP has provided Internship Awards since 2012 to enable University of Oxford students to undertake internships in BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. The awards come attached to internships advertised through the Oxford University Internship Programme, which are listed on CareerConnect.

There are two categories of scholarship:

BP-NRE Awards

These support students undertaking internships in the Natural Resources and the Environment sector with a bursary of up to £2,500. The awards are available for current undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division, however undergraduate and postgraduate students in their final year are not eligible. Final-year students are only eligible if they are continuing to further study in the MPLS division at the University of Oxford.

BP-ID Awards

These support students undertaking internships in the International Development sector with a bursary of up to £2,500. The terms of eligibility are the same as the BP-NRE awards, but three of the awards are available for students studying outside of MPLS division.

Students may only receive one Internship Award from BP during their studies at Oxford.

Environmental Change Institute Internship Awards

The Environmental Change Institute gives funding to support student internships in the environmental and sustainability sector offered through the Summer Internship Programme. These awards are pre-allocated to particular internships as indicated on the placement description on CareerConnect. If you have been offered an internship position which states it offers ECI funding, please contact


Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding programme for education and training, youth and sport between 2014 and 2020. The University of Oxford has been awarded an Erasmus charter to take part in the programme, and uses part of the funding it receives to support both undergraduates and postgraduates (PGT and PGR students) to undertake two month placements in Europe through the Summer Internship Programme.  Details of whether a placement qualifies for an Erasmus+ grant is included in the placement specifications on CareerConnect. The awards are open to all students regardless of their fee status.

Erasmus funding is calculated according to the exact length of the internship, and varies by the country being visited, but in most cases students will receive approximately €700-800 per internship. Internships must be a minimum of two calendar months (not 8 weeks!). Successful candidates will be contacted by the Erasmus team and must complete all requirements specified to ensure they remain eligible for funding. Although the grant is calculated in Euros, the awards will be paid in Pounds in two instalments, with 80% payable at the start of the internship and the remaining 20% shortly after the internship finishes.  The latest possible start date for your internship must be August 1st as you must have completed your two month placement by the 30th September.

Students can receive a maximum of 12 months of Erasmus funding throughout the course of their degree, and therefore students who have already received Erasmus funding or plan to apply for it on their year abroad later in their degree may not be eligible. If students are concerned about this requirement they can contact the Erasmus team at

International Strategy Scholarships

The University’s International Strategy Office generously offers £3,000 per annum to support internships. These scholarships are pre-allocated to particular internships as indicated on the placement description on CareerConnect.

Fung Scholarships at Oxford

If you are a current undergraduate and have been offered an internship in China and Hong Kong through the Summer Internship Programme, you may receive a bursary of up to £2000 courtesy of the Victor and William Fung Foundation. You can only receive one scholarship from the Victor & William Fung Foundation during your time at Oxford. If, for example, you are studying BA Chinese and have received a scholarship from the foundation previously, you will not be eligible again. Details of whether a placement qualifies for this funding is included in the placement specifications on CareerConnect.

Quantitative Methods Awards for Social Scientists

Oxford’s Q-Step Centre has provided Q-Step Internship Awards since their launch in 2014. Undergraduate students from the Social Sciences Division (or students studying part of a joint degree in Social Sciences) can receive up to £1,500 to undertake an internship which focuses on the development of quantitative methods skills. The awards come attached to internships advertised through the Summer Internship Programme, which are listed on CareerConnect.

Please note that students who are studying Economics and Management, and History and Economics will NOT be eligible for this award. The internships are particularly relevant for first year students who have studied the Q-Step module.

It is a condition of the award that students will be required to provide feedback about the internship and the development of their quantitative methods skills in the work place.

Santander Internship Awards

Santander generously offers a number of awards through the Summer Internship Programme every year which we are able to allocate to internships based in the Santander Network countries. These scholarships are pre-allocated to particular internships as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect. All students applying to a Santander-funded internship are eligible to receive this funding.

Santander SME Awards

Santander is part-funding internships which are offered by UK-registered organisations with 250 employees or less and which have an annual turnover of fifty million pounds or less. Organisations can include companies, sole traders, partnerships and charities. These scholarships are pre-allocated to particular internships as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect. All students applying to a Santander SME-funded internship are eligible to receive this funding.

External funding sources

If you require additional support for your internship you should consider applying to alternative funding sources.

Oxford Pro Bono Publico Internship Fund

If you are currently enrolled in a graduate degree at the University of Oxford and require additional financial support, you may apply to the Oxford Pro Bono Publico Internship Fund. The fund is available to students who are interested in undertaking unpaid or poorly paid internships with public interest law organisations, including internships obtained through the Summer Internship Programme. More information can be found on the Pro Bono Publico website.

College & Department Funding

Many Oxford colleges and departments have travel bursaries which you can apply for. We would strongly encourage you to contact your college or department as soon as possible to explore the options which may be available to you as application deadlines can be very early.

OUS Network Student Awards

A number of regional alumni groups in the UK make awards to Oxford students from their area. Details of 2018 awards will be published from January 2018 on the Oxford University Alumni website.

This information was last updated on 08 May 2018.
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Recent blogs about Summer Internship Programme Funding

Third round micro-internships go live on Monday!

Blogged by Rosanna Mills on May 17, 2018.

Good news from the Internship Office – it’s not too late! If you haven’t found time yet to apply for exclusive work experience in weeks 9 or 10 this term, you’ll have the chance next week! From Monday 21 May we’ll open up the third round of micro-internships for applications.

The deadline will be midday, Monday 28 May. Students are allowed one additional application for this late round – so if you have already submitted two applications, you are welcome to apply once more! Please logon to CareerConnect from 21 May to view all late round opportunities. You can find out all the details of the programme on our Micro-Internship Programme webpage.

What placements can I apply for?

Interested? Here are some of the MIPs on offer, but all can be found on CareerConnect!

1 Million Women to Tech – Social Media Micro-Internship, Oxford: Are you a self-starter and team player? Brainstorm the best methods with fellow interns to increase social media following for this educational non-profit.

Modux – Penetration Testing (Cyber Security), Bristol: If you have some programming and coding experience, look no further! The development team at cyber security consultancy Modux needs assistance with their automation tool to aid security professionals.

Oxfordshire Recovery College Micro-Internship, Oxford: The College recently won funding to redesign its website, but they need some photos to use! A brilliant video made by a previous intern also needs refreshing. You’ll be integral to improving their online and social media presence.

Pamoja Education – Product and UX Research, Oxford: Pamoja is looking for those who are good communicators and digitally savvy to research into user experience and development of digital features, conducting interviews and delivering a presentation of findings.

Application support

We’ll be running Application Support Sessions on Tuesday 22 May, 2pm – 3.30pm and Thursday 24 May, 11.30am – 1pm. Book your slot on CareerConnect! Don’t forget, you can also receive advice straight from our host organisations with our Employer Feedback on Student Micro-Internship Applications advice document.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you. Just email

Good luck with your applications!

Second round micro-internships now open!

Blogged by Rosanna Mills on May 9, 2018.

We know that Trinity can be a busy time of year. So if you missed the first opportunity to apply for exclusive work experience this term, all is not lost! The Internship Office is excited to launch the second round of the Micro-Internship Programme (MIP). Want to end your year on a good note and add something a little extra to your CV? Read on…

What sort of work experience?

In brief, MIP placements last for 2-5 days in weeks 9 or 10 every term. The sectors and projects vary greatly, but they all allow you to get stuck in and be challenged in the world of work. Students can develop a wide skillset and gain insight into all sorts of organisations, as well as make some contacts for future. In the second round, we have opportunities in business development with the Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, game development with AI Gaming, video tutorial creation with UniPrepCo, and more! This term, even the Internship Office is hosting a placement to assist with the exciting expansion of MIP!

Don’t delay any longer! We have created a handy list of all second round placements for browsing.

How do I apply?

Please visit our Micro-Internship Programme webpage for details of the process. Students can logon to CareerConnect to view full vacancy information and apply. The deadline is midday, Wednesday 16 May. Micro-internships are open to all matriculated students and you are able to make two applications per term. Although micro-internships are voluntary, host organisations must reimburse students with local travel and lunch expenses.

Need some help with your application?

For advice, we have created an Internship Office Application Support Document and Employer Feedback on Student Micro-Internship Applications. We also have Application Support Sessions on the following days, where students can receive CV and personal statement advice – just logon to CareerConnect to book a slot.

Friday 11 May, 12.00 – 14.00

Monday 14 May, 11.30 – 13.00

Tuesday 15 May, 10.00 – 11.30

We wish you luck with your applications! If you have any questions, please email them to

Super summer internship opportunities still available!

Blogged by Karen Walker on May 9, 2018.

The next deadline for the Summer Internship Programme is noon on Tuesday 22 May. Opportunities are exclusive to Oxford students, and the exciting placements currently available range from a publishing internship in Brussels to marketing in Tokyo to research in Chile. Take advantage and find a fabulous way to spend your summer! Log on to CareerConnect for full details of all placements and to apply. Further advice and information is on the Internship Office webpages.

Last chance to apply for micro-internships!

Blogged by Rosanna Mills on May 2, 2018.

“It was a wonderful office and everyone was really nice and made me feel welcome. I was given work that made me feel like a real part of the company and not just an intern. I undertook this internship to gain experience of working in communications for my future career, and the week has solidified my plans.” Hilary 2018 micro-intern with the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Exclusive work experience is right at your fingertips! And there’s still time before the deadline. This is your chance to end the academic year on a high, whether you’re looking for experience in the arts, historical research, health, consulting, health or anything else…

Micro-internships offer 2-5 day, voluntary experience placements in weeks 9 or 10 of every term. You can browse all placements from our sector and location master list and logon to CareerConnect to apply.

The deadline is tomorrow – midday, Thursday 3 May.

Full information, including application support, can be found on our Micro-Internship Programme webpage. If you have any questions, please email

We wish you the best of luck!

Internship Office programmes: how can I write a good application?

Blogged by Rosanna Mills on April 26, 2018.

So much time and effort goes into applications, and it’s something you always want to get spot on. It’s not easy and academic schedules are busy, but we hope that these tips will help.

Firstly, you might like to see our Internship Office Application Support document, which offers extra resources, and our Employer Feedback on Student Micro-Internship Applications. For micro-internships, we are also running Application Support Sessions up until the deadline, with sessions next week on 30 April and 2 May. Slots can be booked on CareerConnect. You can also book short discussions with our Careers Advisers.

The deadline for micro-internships: midday, Thursday 3 May.

The deadline for the next batch of summer internships: midday, Monday 30 April.

 The CV

  • Format: Is your CV accessible and one page? CVs need to look appealing and have a clear layout. There are a lot of small but important details: your name; clear headings, sections and dates; and bullet points not prose. In terms of personal details, make sure you include contact details but there is no need for a photo or your date of birth.
  • Tailoring: If possible, write about experience which is relevant to each internship. (However, we understand that tailoring CVs for micro-internships isn’t always possible due to time or if this might be your first internship, so don’t worry too much!)
  • Experience doesn’t have to be paid professional employment! Volunteering, work with student societies, other internships or work experience: these all count.
  • Responsibilities, achievements, skills, outcomes: These are the key things to include in details of your work experience. Numbers can be powerful to quantify achievements.
  • Don’t downplay your achievements or other interests: Rather than saying that you are part of the hockey team, if you hold a position of responsibility, such as a captain, treasurer or other, mention it!
  • Academic achievements: If you are concerned that you don’t have much experience, you can use your academic achievements to showcase your skills. Essay writing, research, technical work and other course requirements all need their own skillset. Plus, for micro-internships, hosts don’t often have very specific applicant profiles as they know that students apply to gain experience. Therefore, they often look for students who have a particular interest or passion rather that a fully-developed skillset.

For full CV advice, we recommend that you read our CV briefing.

The personal statement

The personal statement is similar to a cover letter, explaining both why you are interested in the placement and the organisation, and why you would be well-suited to the post.

  • Word limit: Stick to it. We recommend that you use them all (300 for MIP, 600 for summer internships) to fully demonstrate why you are suitable for the role. (If the advert requests that you include a date preference in your personal statement, this will not form part of your word count).
  • Conversational: Your statement should be professional and concise, but have a conversational quality to make it welcoming and easy to read.
  • Research: Into the organisation, role, and the industry – research is so important! This can be from the internet, publications, news stories, or fellow students or alumni, for example. We have a fantastic Summer Internship Experience resource with past intern profiles, and if indicated some students are willing to be contacted for further information. Knowledge of the organisation demonstrates a genuine interest. Don’t just copy content from their website though – can you say something original?
  • Interest and enthusiasm: Show your passion for the project at hand and the organisation, linking in with your research. What motivates you? Some internship hosts specifically ask for a student ‘with a clear interest in….’, so explain this to them and don’t be shy!
  • Evidence: Your personal statement builds on your CV, rather than repeating it. Pick out two or three points from your CV that best demonstrate your suitability for the role. It’s better to be more specific than give many, but less detailed, examples.
  • Criteria: Always link back to the advert and applicant profile, even using the same language where possible. If a host is looking for a good communicator with strong attention to detail, what have you done that required these skills? If the advert asks questions about you, they are there for a reason – make sure you answer them!

You may find our cover letter and demonstrate you fit the job criteria briefings helpful.

The checklist

A well written CV and personal statement is important, but before you click the ‘submit’ button, just check that everything is in place.

  • Personal details: It’s not unknown to have bounce backs due to incorrect email addresses, so make sure that you have the right email and phone number so the host can contact you!
  • Proofread: This is so important – any typos or grammatical errors could affect how your application is perceived. Also, it’s important to read over your application to ensure it will make sense to someone who doesn’t know you.
  • Extra requirements: If you need to specify dates or if the advert has requested anything extra, make sure that you’ve done it. Employers don’t want to be chasing small queries when they have many applications to consider.

How competitive are these internships?

This is the question that the Internship Office is asked most frequently. The main thing we say is not to worry – you can’t control it after all! If you are eager to apply for a placement and it’s something that really interests you, then why not go for it? Don’t let thoughts of competitiveness concern you as you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from applying. And even if on this occasion you are unsuccessful, you have a chance to think about what you could do to improve for next time – it’s all part of the learning curve.

 And finally…

We wish you the best of luck with your applications! If you have any further questions about our programmes, please do not hesitate to contact or visit our Internship Office webpages for more information.

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