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The Internship Office manages a number of internship scholarships and grants which are allocated to students who undertake internships through the Summer Internship Programme. Some of the scholarships are open to all our students who secure an internship through the programme while others are awarded subject to eligibility.

If you have been offered an internship
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If a host organisation has offered you an internship which is advertised as having an internship award attached, you must let us know as soon as possible so that we can check your eligibility (if applicable) so we can transfer the funding to you. Please contact the Internship Office Finance Officer by emailing with the details of your placement.

Please note you may not receive funding through the Summer Internship Programme for the same internship twice.

Our funding sources
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Alumni Association Travel Grants

The University’s Alumni Association generously offers £4,000 per annum to support internships. These grants are pre-allocated to particular placements as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect.


Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding programme for education and training, youth and sport between 2014 and 2020. The University of Oxford has been awarded an Erasmus charter to take part in the programme, and uses part of the funding it receives to support both undergraduates and postgraduates (PGT and PGR students) to undertake placements in Europe through the Summer Internship Programme.  Details of whether a placement qualifies for an Erasmus+ grant is included in the placement specifications on CareerConnect.

Erasmus funding is calculated according to the exact length of the internship, and varies by the country being visited, but in most cases students will receive approximately €800-900 per internship. Successful candidates will be contacted by the Erasmus team and must complete all requirements specified to ensure they remain eligible for funding. Although the grant is calculated in Euros, the awards will be paid in Pounds in two instalments, with 80% payable at the start of the internship and the remaining 20% shortly after the internship finishes.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Internships must meet the minimum duration of 60 days, the minimum duration must be met by 30 September 2020.
  • Students must ensure that they have made all appropriate arrangements for visas & insurance. Please visit the University’s Study Abroad webpage, and the page on Oxford and the EU for more information.
  • Students must either be enrolled or have recently graduated to be eligible. Erasmus funds are not available to suspended students.

Students can receive a maximum of 12 months of Erasmus funding throughout the course of their degree, and therefore students who have already received Erasmus funding or plan to apply for it on their year abroad later in their degree may not be eligible. If students are concerned about this requirement they can contact the Erasmus team at

Fung Scholarships at Oxford

If you are a current undergraduate student and have been offered an internship in China and Hong Kong through the Summer Internship Programme, you may receive a bursary of up to £2,000 courtesy of the Victor and William Fung Foundation. You can only receive one scholarship from the Victor & William Fung Foundation during your time at Oxford. If, for example, you are studying BA Chinese and have received a scholarship from the foundation previously, you will not be eligible again. The funding is available for undergraduate students only. Details of whether a placement qualifies for this funding is included in the placement specifications on CareerConnect.

Quantitative Methods Awards for Social Scientists

Oxford’s Q-Step Centre has provided Q-Step Internship Awards since their launch in 2014. Undergraduate students from the Social Sciences Division (or students studying part of a joint degree in Social Sciences) can receive up to £1,500 to undertake an internship which focuses on the development of quantitative methods skills.The internships are particularly relevant for first year students who have studied the Q-Step module. The awards come attached to internships advertised through the Summer Internship Programme, which are listed on CareerConnect.

Please note that students who are studying Economics and Management, and History and Economics will not be eligible for this award.

It is a condition of the award that students will be required to provide feedback about the internship and the development of their quantitative methods skills in the work place.

Santander Internship Awards

Santander generously offers a number of awards through the Summer Internship Programme every year which we are able to allocate to internships based in the Santander Network countries. These scholarships are pre-allocated to particular internships as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect. All students applying to a Santander-funded internship are eligible to receive this funding.

Santander SME Awards

Santander is part-funding internships which are offered by UK-registered organisations with 250 employees or less and which have an annual turnover of fifty million pounds or less. Organisations can include companies, sole traders and partnerships. These scholarships are pre-allocated to particular internships as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect. Santander SME funded internships are only open to students in their final year of study (undergraduates and postgraduates).

The Oxford University Internship Awards

The University’s Student Fees and Funding Office generously offers £45,000 per annum to support internships. These grants are pre-allocated to particular placements as indicated on the internship description on CareerConnect.

External funding sources
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If you require additional support for your internship you should consider applying to alternative funding sources.

College & Department Funding

Many Oxford colleges and departments have travel bursaries which you can apply for. We would strongly encourage you to contact your college or department as soon as possible to explore the options which may be available to you as application deadlines can be very early.

Oxford University Alumni Network Bursary Awards 2020

Several UK alumni groups makes grants available to students from their area for projects taking place over the summer break and which are connected to their studies. For more information on these exciting funding opportunities, please visit the Student Awards page on the University of Oxford Alumni Office’s website.

This information was last updated on 14 May 2020.
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Apply now for new September cycle of the Micro-Internship Programme

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 09/07/2020.

Applications for this term’s micro-internship opportunities are now open and will take place 7-11 September or 14-18 September.

All placements will last 2-5 days and will be completed remotely from your home. Sign-in to CareerConnect to see what’s on offer this September, or browse the full list of opportunities. Remember, you can make up to two applications until 12 PM on Monday 3 August.

Browse the full list of opportunities and apply on CareerConnect >>

Who can apply?

Placements are open to all matriculated undergraduate and postgraduate students (both Taught and Research).

Can I apply even though I have completed my course/due to complete my course over the coming weeks?

Please note that the September cycle is also open to all finalists (UG & PG) who have completed their course this academic year (2019/20) – even if your course ends or you graduate before the application period. Finalists, please note that many of you have received an email from CareerConnect when your course finished recently. This will have made you aware that your account has been switched to an Alumni account and it asked you to update your email. Please be sure to do this, as it will allow you access to the September micro-internships.

Workshop – Micro-Internships: What are they and what should I cover in my application?

If you are interested in learning more about the Micro-Internship Programme and how to draft your applications, attend one of our virtual workshops to hear all about the Programme and how you should structure your application.

Apply for the workshop on Monday 20 July (10:00 AM) >>

Apply for the workshop on Thursday 23 July (10:00 AM) >>

Top tips for undertaking a remote internship

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 27/06/2020.

Make the most of your remote internship with the following tips from the Internship Office.

Tip 1. Dress up for work

Many people believe that working from home means being able to wear pyjamas all day. However, the slogan ‘dress for success’ is key, even if you are not working from an office building. Getting dressed up for work as you would if you were going into the office can help shift you into “work mode” and get you ready to start your workday; which will likely also involve video meetings.

Tip 2.  Find an adequate workspace

To prepare effectively for a remote internship, you need to make sure that your workspace is at least as good as, if not better than, an on-site work environment. Ideally, this would include a flat surface, a comfortable chair, proximity to the window or other natural light sources, and a door that closes. You also need to make sure that you have appropriate equipment, operational systems and good internet connection.

Tip 3.  Be punctual

Start on time and complete your tasks by their deadlines. All employers appreciate the punctuality of their staff, including interns. Being late tells others that you don’t value their time and that signals that you are not well-organised and cannot manage your own time.

Tip 4.  Identify your supervisor and ask questions

On the first day of your remote internship, identify who your supervisor is. This person will guide you through your internship, define your projects, give you feedback on your progress, and be a bridge to professional networks and learning opportunities. You can set up regular short meetings with your supervisor to catch up and ask questions about your role and the organisation.

Take any opportunity to learn more and don’t be afraid to ask questions – your supervisor expects you to. Asking for clarifications and finding out more about tasks will prevent you of making mistakes.

Tip 5.  Treat it as a real job

Despite being a short remote internship, you should treat this opportunity as a real job. This is a chance for you to put into practice your existing competences and to gain new skills. Work not only independently, but as part of the team as well. Be on time, work hard and be professional. This will go a long way towards getting a good reference for your future job applications.

Tip 6.  Make notes of your duties and responsibilities

To make the most of your remote experience, you will need to remember the detail of what you have done. So, make notes of your duties and responsibilities throughout your remote internship to then include on your CV and in future applications and interviews.

Tip 7.  Network as much as you can

The internship is also an opportunity for you to cultivate contacts with professionals in your sector of interest. They could provide valuable insights into the various roles or career paths that you are interested in pursuing. It is also a chance for you to ask questions, gather information, learn about job options and career paths, and ask them for help in identifying opportunities in their fields.

Tip 8. Stay in touch

It’s good practice to stay in touch after your remote internship. Therefore, as the internship ends, send personalised thank you emails to the people you have worked with and express your gratitude for any guidance they have provided, and give them your contact details. If an opportunity opens up, you could be at the top of their hiring list.


Tip 9. Enter the Internship Office Photo Competition 2020

We are inviting all University of Oxford students who take part in internships facilitated or funded through the Internship Office in the 2019-2020 academic year to submit original and interesting photos that best represent their internship experience, accompanied by a short description. Find out more about the Internship Office Photo Competition 2020.

Internship application deadlines approaching and new Black Lives Matter internships

Blogged by Paloma Campos Da Silva on 24/06/2020.

Don’t forget that the Internship Office team are still working hard to offer remote internship opportunities as part of the Summer Internship Programme, exclusively available to Oxford students.

We are excited to announce new exclusive internships this week, involving collecting stories on Black Lives Matter/Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford, researching historic buildings, and recording academic resources on racism in the USA. Please note these have much shorter deadlines!

Check out all our remote summer internships now open for application!

Blogged by Paloma Campos Da Silva on 17/06/2020.

As Trinity term ends and the summer vacation starts, we still have new remote summer internships available exclusively to Oxford students as part of the Summer Internship Programme.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances due to Covid-19 this year, the Internship Office team has worked hard to guarantee that existing internships could go ahead, converted internships to remote opportunities whenever possible, and offered a wide range of new remote internships.

Remote summer internships now open for applications are the following:

Important notice: please note that due to the high demand for internship funding following the Internship Newsletter on 2 June 2020, the Internship Office is unable to accept any further applications.

The Internship Office Photo Competition 2020

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 15/06/2020.

We are pleased to announce that the University of Oxford Internship Office Photo Competition will be taking place once again in 2020.

We are inviting all University of Oxford students who take part in internships facilitated or funded through the Internship Office in the 2019-2020 academic year to submit original and interesting photos that best represent their internship experience, accompanied by a short description.

Show us what your internship looks like

We want to see your internship experience through your eyes, but we are especially looking for images depicting you as the intern. Please submit original entries that show a visual representation of your working environment during your internship. We recognise that many students are taking part in remote working internships this year, which means that creativity is key!

Describe your experience

Along with your photo entry, please submit text of up to 50 words explaining the image, and giving us some context of your internship experience. Images sent without the accompanying text will be discounted.

Rules and tips

  • To enter the competition, please send your original photos by email to with the items as a file attachment or using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.
  • There is no limit to the number of photos that you can send.
  • The winning entries will be decided by a selection panel at the Careers Service.
  • For information on copyright and usage permission, please see the terms and conditions.
  • The winner will be awarded with a high street voucher worth £100, and two runners up will be awarded a voucher worth £50, each.
  • We are looking for photographs that communicate your internship experience in an interesting way. Creativity and imagination will be rewarded!
  • Photos sent without the accompanying explanatory text of up to 50 words will be disqualified.
  •  The closing date for this competition is 17:00 (BST) on Monday, 14 September 2020.
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