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Practical advice on work experience abroad


Detailed information about obtaining visas can be found on our webpage of practical advice on work experience abroad.

Please note that the Internship Office cannot offer advice on which visa type to apply for. We can provide letters of support if you are on one of our programmes (see below), but we are not qualified to advise on the visa process.

Information specifically for the Summer Internship Programme

Although we refer to a placement through the Summer Internship Programme as an ‘internship’, some countries have different definitions of internships and this will be a determining factor regarding the visa you need. If you have secured a placement with a not-for-profit organisation, for less than 90 days and will not be paid, this could be classed as a ‘volunteering experience’ and some countries would allow volunteering to be undertaken on a tourist visa. Even if you are awarded a bursary via the University towards your travel/living costs, this is not classed as a wage.

We advise that you contact the organisation you will be working with for help, as they may have had other interns and will be able to advise which visa is required. Alternatively, you can contact students who have already completed an internship in the same country and sector. Many students are listed in our online feedback map, or you can contact the Internship Office who will help you link up.

Additional documentation

As part of the visa process, some students will require a Letter of Support detailing their participation in the Internship Programme. Please email with your requirements and the Internship Office can send you a signed copy.

Occasionally students are asked to provide Proof of Enrolment. All of these letters can be obtained through Student Self-Service and not through the Internship Office.

France & Conventions de Stage

Students undertaking internships in France or with a French organization outside France will require a Convention de Stage. The Internship Office can supply this signed document in French or English for any internship (including placements obtained outside of the Summer Internship Programme). However, finalists and alumni must obtain these from their respective colleges.

Practical advice on internships abroad

Health and insurance

Practical advice on work experience abroad

Comprehensive travel insurance is mandatory for those with international placements on the Summer Internship Programme. You must also ensure you are covered by medical insurance and have the correct vaccinations. See our page on our webpage of practical advice on work experience abroad.

Liability insurance

Companies require Employer’s Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to cover any liability that might be imposed on an employer if a member of staff or third party is injured. The Internship Office asks all of their internship providers to cover potential liability that may arise from the internship. No University of Oxford department is able to sign an agreement that commits the University to providing workplace insurance.


It is always a good idea to check past interns’ feedback on our online feedback map to see if previous students have provided information on travel and accommodation for your internship. If your internship provider is not able to offer any advice on local accommodation then you can find good starting points on our webpage of practical advice on work experience abroad.

Emergency contacts & support


Although The Internship Office is generally aware of the security situation within internship countries, and in a few rare cases have had to cancel internships due to national security incidents, it is your responsibility to check the latest travel advice before leaving. The FCO website advises on safety and security threats.

Visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre for official data on disease outbreak surveillance.

In event of an emergency your country’s embassy will be able to provide consular assistance to nationals in distress.The Go Abroad website can help you find the nearest embassy that relates to the passport you hold.


If you encounter difficulties while undertaking an internship, your first port of call should be the designated point of contact within the organisation for which you are working. If you are unable to contact them, or if the situation cannot be handled internally you should contact the Internship Office. The management team can be contacted to confidentially discuss any aspect of your experiences during or after your internship:

Dr Fiona Whitehouse
Internship Office Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1865 274643

The Counselling Service at the University of Oxford may also be able to help. They are there to help you address personal or emotional problems and offer a free and confidential service. Please note they are not an emergency service. They can be contacted as follows:

The Counselling Service
3 Worcester Street,
+44 (0)1865 270300

This information was last updated on 15 January 2018.
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