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If you are interested in a career that doesn’t get much exposure around Oxford or isn’t covered by our existing sector briefings, staff at The Careers Service will be happy to help, advise and support you. There are also a number of strategies you can take to find out more about a role.

Whilst we publish nearly 50 Sector and Occupational briefings on our website, both Prospects and TargetJobs provide a wider selection of sector briefings that encompass additional specific industry sectors, such as Logistics and Distribution; Sports, Leisure and Tourism that are not yet included on our website. These sites also both offer a multitude of more specific job descriptions: for example, Prospects provides briefings on over 400 job profiles that you can browse by sector or alphabetically. Prospects’ other tools, including all your personalised job matches recommended through the Prospects Career Planner and their advice on “What can I do with my degree?” are linked directly to these job profiles.

Beyond these resources, try to find whether there is a professional body or society related to your field of interest. These are often a fantastic source for sector related information and news – including listings of member organisations and companies, relevant events, job vacancies, and advice on breaking into the sector.

If you find specific vacancies and job descriptions for roles that you are interested in or aspire to in the future, you can analyse these to understand what skills and experience companies might value in your field of interest. Even expired vacancies can be used this way to better understand the criteria required for a role. This approach can also provide a starting point for finding organisations to research and contact.

Specialist recruitment agencies can be another route to finding out information about particular sectors and sourcing vacancies.

Lastly, sector specific magazines published by industry bodies – or enthusiasts –  can be a great way to find out about current issues and trends in the sector. These magazines frequently contain vacancy listings, and many will be posted by recruitment agencies that specialise in the field.

Research by networking

As with all career research, eventually you will want to talk to someone who is actually in the career of interest to you. They will be in the best position to give you information on the day-to-day life in the role, as well as challenges, opportunities for career development, and lots more. See our networking webpage for ideas of how to make and maintain contacts.

There will normally be somebody doing a job you are interested in – whether it’s yoga therapist or knitwear designer – who will be willing to share their experience and give advice. Try searching for alumni on LinkedIn and companies that specialise in your field of interest. Also, search LinkedIn for ‘Groups’ as well as individuals – these may enable you to tap into active communities and on-going discussions in the fields that interest you most.

You can extend your networking efforts across all social media tools to find information and people. For example, search for blogs, Twitter feeds and facebook pages of organisations and individuals. If you can’t find anything at all, perhaps get creative and consider setting up your own blog or starting an interest group and see who finds you!

When you have identified where you might want to work it can often be worthwhile to make a speculative approach if there is no position advertised. Small organisations – and sometimes even quite large ones – may not have the people or other resources to advertise and manage ‘recruitment’ but instead rely on who they know and their networks to help them attract new talent. Moreover, in some sectors you will be expected to be proactive and make the first approach to organisations that interest you. See our sector pages for more details.

Podcasts about Other Sectors

An Actors Life For Me

Thinking about acting, drama and theatre? This talk includes speakers from two prominent drama schools and one theatre. The focus will be on acting but it’s also a great opportunity to hear from a theatre manager about hiring actors and other related roles in theatre. We’re delighted to be joined by Mountview, ALRA and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

This information was last updated on 20 November 2017.
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