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Announcing the winners of The Internship Office photo competition!

Blogged by Internship Office on 26/09/2018.

This year we had one of the best photo competitions to date! With over 70 students entering photographs of an unbelievable standard, the judging process was not easy. We had four different categories which included: Architecture and Landmarks, Beautiful World, Internal Space and Light, Colour and Texture. Every category gave a real insight into the internships that students took part in, which everyone here at the Internships Office loved seeing.

Thank you to everyone who entered, it was a pleasure to see all of the photos and we hope to use as many photos as possible across social media and our website.

A massive congratulations to the winners and runners up! Let’s take a look at their pictures…

Architecture and Landmarks

The winning entry by Melissa Lewis who interned at Branche d’Olive, Oxford:

The runners up:

Highly commended – Ray Williams, interned at Right to Education, Nairobi.
Highly commended – Julia Chobanyan, interned at World Food Programme, Italy.

Beautiful World

The winning entry by Karolina Bassa who interned at Omeida Language College, Yangshuo, China:

The runners up:

Highly commended – Rhiannon Savage, interned at Omeida Language College, China.
Highly commended – Johanne Nedergaard, interned at Copenhagen University, Greenland.

Light, Colour and Texture

The winning entry by Ava Scott, who interned at LLIC – University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong:

The runners up:

Highly commended – Karolina Bassa, interned at Omeida Language College, China.
Highly commended – William Alexander, interned at Huawei, China.

Internal Space

The winning entry by William Alexander, who interned at Huawei, China:

The runners up:

Highly commended – Laura Eacott, interned at LOVVOL, China.
Highly commended – Kate Samuelson, interned at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo.
Highly commended – Samuel Wejchert, interned at Tsinghua Educational Poverty Alleviation Association, China.
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My summer internship experience at the University of Pretoria

Blogged by Internship Office on 25/09/2018.

Sofia Garré, M.St. History of Art and Visual Culture, took part in an internship at the University of Pretoria as part of the Summer Internship Programme in 2018. She provided an insight about her experience below:

I have always been suspicious of ‘leadership.’ Leadership skills are required when entering jobs in almost all sectors, but – to me – wanting to be a ‘leader’ always entailed having somewhat dictatorial ambitions. It is only after spending eight weeks working at the University of Pretoria that I have finally overcome my suspicion of leadership. This happened because, by working with my direct supervisor and University executives, I gained a better understanding of what leadership is, and of the extent to which a leader can be nurturing and committed to the development of others. In fact, leadership is only one of many things that I feel I understand better since spending time in South Africa.

But let’s start from the beginning. I got to go to Pretoria through the University’s Summer Internship Programme. Seeing that I am a Master’s student graduating this year, I felt that the programme was not really meant for me: like many other finalists, I was at once hopeful and convinced that I would find a job straight after the end of Trinity. As luck would have it, my boss and mentor-to-be at the University of Pretoria, Mrs Carlien Nell, called on the very day I interviewed for (and failed to secure) a permanent position at a University in the North of England. In retrospect, I cannot begin to describe how lucky I feel not to have been selected for that job, nor how wrong I was thinking that the Summer Internship Programme might not be right for a finalist.

In fact, my two-months internship was imbued with experiences that prepared me to enter the workplace. My role consisted, at least on a basic level, of investigating work readiness programmes in South African and international Universities to assist the University of Pretoria in devising new employability strategies for its students. I have always been intrigued by the strategic and operational machine supporting Universities’ research and teaching, so I was excited to work jointly with the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration and with the Department of Institutional Planning. But the internship exceeded my expectations, both because I ended up getting involved in far more projects than I had originally expected to, and because the opportunities to learn were unexpectedly varied.

Not only did I learn about employability strategies, careers offices and the ‘future of work’: I also contributed to drafting an institution-wide survey to determine students’ access to quality food, took part in a very successful recruitment event organised for admitted students, the #ChooseUP event, and analysed the raw results of two separate questionnaires. Although this put my (largely non-numerical) skills to the test, I felt truly privileged to be involved in so many different projects. My boss (or should I say mentor?) genuinely contributed to making my Summer internship as transformative and informative as possible: she encouraged me to share my opinion during meetings with employers, colleagues and University executives, took me along on all her meetings (including a business trip to the Western Cape!), and provided me with technical support when it came to using software like Qualtrics or Excel. In fact, all my colleagues at the University of Pretoria went the extra mile to help me develop as a professional and to ensure that I had a special time while in South Africa.

And it was special indeed! I learnt about the troubled but fascinating history of South Africa whilst making discoveries about its society and its culture; but I also went on my first wine tasting in the beautiful hills of the Western Cape, cycled through the streets of Soweto, and saw an elephant, just metres away, for the first time. On top of these amazing experiences, I made important steps towards understanding what I want to do and achieve in my future. Indeed, when I began my studies in the History of Art, I could have hardly imagined that, in four-years’ time, I would feel as excited as I am currently feeling applying for business analysis or insights positions.

The truth is, my Summer internship at the University of Pretoria changed my outlook on my professional and, ultimately, personal life in ways that I could have never imagined. So long as similar opportunities remain available, I am certain that many more students will have the same luck.


Sofia Garré

M.St. History of Art and Visual Culture, 2018

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China Opportunities – 2019 KPMG Graduate Programme

Posted on behalf of KPMG China. Blogged by Julia Hilton on 25/09/2018.

KPMG China

As one of the world’s leading professional firms offering Audit, Tax and Advisory services, we have around 10,000 partners and staff working across 19 cities in China. We are looking for top students who are passionate, committed and eager to succeed – all degree disciplines are welcome.

Our Services


Our audit professionals are never short of exciting projects. Essentially, we make use of data and analytics  to give clients our views on whether their financial statements are a “true and fair” reflection of reality. In this technology driven era, our digital auditors focus on transforming our current audit practice into a tech-enabled process that fully utilises our data and analytics capabilities which frees us up to focus on client relationships and added value.


As a tax professional with KPMG, you will be joining a team that helps clients address critical business issues with the aid of data and analytics. From interpreting legislation to long-term planning and strategies – often on a global scale. You will help organisations and individuals realise tax efficiencies while meeting the highest standards of compliance. We are dedicated to delivering long-lasting value to our clients.


Our advisory practice works with diverse clients, including government organisations and large financial corporations to address their strategic needs in terms of growth, performance and governance. When you join advisory, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team delivering services that reflect the changing circumstances of our clients and the markets in which they operate.

Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau, Foshan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha,
Wuhan, Zhongguancun, Xi’an

Why KPMG China?

Apart from contributing to your home country and being amongst family and friends, China offers a wealth of economic opportunity. Not only this, a vibrant and modern cultural scene will help you to achieve a quality work / life balance. At KPMG China we provide international opportunities and a global environment but with a localised culture in China and Hong Kong.

If you are interested in our KPMG Graduate Programme, please complete the online application form online here. Personal data will be collected for recruitment purposes only.

UK – Maria Forrest:

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Free Practice for Psychometric Recruitment Tests

Blogged by Hugh Nicholson-Lailey on 12/09/2018.

Since the beginning of September, your Careers Service is providing free access to a comprehensive range of practice materials to help students and alumni prepare for the recruitment tests commonly used by companies in recruitment.

This service provided by JobTestPrep covers pretty much the full spectrum of recruitment psychometric tests and also includes practice materials specifically developed to mirror the tests used by individual named companies. So whether you are looking to prepare for verbal and numerical reasoning tests, or e-tray exercises, or the Watson Glaser tests used by nearly all law firms, the free access we provide will help you to prepare and practise.

Matriculated students and alumni must apply to the Careers Service for an Access Code. This will give you 12 months free access to the site from the first time that you log in with the code. To request a code, sign-in to your Oxford CareerConnect account and submit a query via the Queries tab using the title: Request for JobTestPrep Access Code.

An additional free resource offering a whole bank of tests is provided for us by Practice Aptitude Tests, and this can be accessed by anyone who has an Oxford University email address. To access this service, simply register using an email address that ends 

Full advice is given in our briefing on Psychometric Tests.

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Work Experience Programme for Disabled Students

Posted on behalf of Leonard Cheshire: Change 100. Blogged by Polly Metcalfe on 10/09/2018.

Change100 is a programme of paid summer work placements and mentoring.

It’s 100 days of work experience that can kickstart your career!

Change100 aims to remove barriers experienced by disabled people in the workplace, to allow them to achieve their potential. They partner with 90 organisations including Barclays, the BBC, Skanska & Lloyds who believe disability isn’t a barrier to a brilliant career.

It’s designed to support the career development of talented university students and recent graduates with any disability or long-term health condition, such as:

  • physical impairments
  • sensory impairments
  • mental health conditions
  • learning disabilities or difficulties e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD
  • other long-term health conditions e.g. diabetes, MS

Who is Change100 for?

To apply to Change100, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • have a disability or long-term health condition.
  • be in your penultimate or final year of an undergraduate or postgraduate university degree, or have graduated in 2016 or 2017. Any degree subject accepted.
  • have achieved or be predicted a 2:1 or 1st in your undergraduate degree.*
  • be eligible to work in the UK for the duration of a full-time summer work placement.

*If your academic performance has been affected by mitigating circumstances related to your disability or health condition, these will be taken into account. Please get in touch to discuss this.

Applications for Summer 2019 will open on Monday 24 September and close on Wednesday 16 January 2019.

For more information and to register your interest, click here.

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