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We hold a dozen careers fairs each year, the majority taking place in Michaelmas Term. All the exhibitors that are invited to our fairs have graduate jobs, internships or other opportunities available in the current recruitment cycle.

Careers Fairs give you the chance to meet recruiters whether in person or virtually. It is your chance  to learn about current vacancies and opportunities available.. The recruiters are trying to market their organisation to you and inform or persuade you why you should consider applying to them.

However, the fairs are also an opportunity for you to market yourself to potential employers. They  are great places to get insight on what makes a good application or interview as well as the chance for you to practice your networking and information-gathering skills as the stands will have  graduate recruitment staff and/or senior managers, who may also review future applications. They may remember meeting you at the fair, and so making a positive impression may help you make a later, successful application. If you’ve been particularly impressive they may even ask for your name and contact details, and watch out for your name as applications come in.

It can be difficult for students to stand out at fairs; there are so many people there and it can seem overwhelming. Being prepared is the best way to make a good impression and get noticed. Think ahead and have a strategy.

Employers value preparation
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Past exhibitors have told us:

“[We expect] students to have done some preparation before coming up to the stand, i.e. they should have read the company profile in the Careers Service fair bbooklet (even better would be to look at the website in advance!)”

“The best questions we get come are from those who have researched the company and have a genuine interest in the company. These questions tend to be more specific – rather than students coming along, not knowing anything about our firm or what it is we do.”

“Students that stand out are the ones who say ‘I noticed on your website that you recruit into the Analyst Consulting Group and within that you can be Technology or Management Consultancy aligned. Can you tell me a bit more about how these roles differ?’”

How to prepare
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Research, research, research.

Prior to attending a careers fair, check out who is attending by downloading and reading the fair booklet. Each one is available on our careers fair page, one week before the fair. Read about the recruiters and opportunities available, and find out more about those of interest by following their web-links. Having such information will help you to impress them when you visit their recruiter stand.

If the fair is sector-specific, also read about the sector on our webpages beforehand.

If the booklet advertises talks or presentations that you wish to attend during the fair, make sure you build in time to ensure that you get a seat.

Plan the questions you want to ask

Try to ask consistent questions to different organisations at the Fair, as this will help you compare responses to make a considered decision about later applications.

We recommend you ask questions about the organisation’s culture, application process or training, or projects they’re currently working on. There may be issues that really matter to you and assessing your ‘fit’ with their culture may determine whether you could visualise yourself being part of that organisation or not.

You will often find the organisation has a recent graduate on the fair stand. It’s useful to ask them what their first year was like and what sort of projects or responsibilities they were given. This shows genuine interest and gives you a sense of the organisation  ethos.

Don’t ask organisations what they do (they’ve already written that information in the fair booklet for you) – and don’t ask about salaries and holidays, as that gives a negative impression!

Consider what to wear…

First impressions do matter, so wear what you think will make you look smart but comfortable. This does not mean you have to wear a suit and a tie – they know you are a student! – but do make sure your clothes are  presentable.

… and what to bring

It is a good idea to take something to make notes on – either paper or electronic – so that you can note down useful things you have learned, or the names of the people that you met. This information can be very useful when you come to fill out applications or write covering letters. At the fair itself, it will demonstrate to the recruiter that you are well prepared.


It’s not usual in the UK to hand out your CV at careers fairs. Most of the employers will have formal, online application processes and so will not accept CVs at fairs. They will be more interested in finding out about you by talking to you than reading through a CV.

However, at some fairs we hold CV Clinics, where recruiters will critique  your CV and offer one-to-one constructive advice. You can check in the fair booklet whether CV Clinics are running, and whether you need to book in advance.

During the fair
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Talk to employers


  • Introduce yourself to make a positive impression – tell them your name, course, and year of study.
  • Demonstrate that you have undertaken some research on the organisation.
  • Ask pertinent questions, and try to establish a dialogue.
  • Bring other students into the conversation – recruiters like people who demonstrate an awareness of others’ needs.
  • Collect names, contact details or business cards as appropriate.
  • Thank them for their time!

What types of information could you ask for

  • More insight into the company culture
  • Level and type of training given from internships to graduate opportunities
  • Are there other opportunities to rotate and work in different offices across the country or globe
  • What do they feel makes a good applicant  stand out
  • What are the characteristics of their most successful employees
  • What they enjoy most or dislike about their particular industry
  • Do they have any specific diversity, inclusion and wellbeing resources available or recognised for their approach for minority groups  such as ‘Disability Confident’ employer and Stonewall Diversity Champion
  • You may be interested in their approach to climate change and so ask  questions  ranging  from ‘ Does your organisation have a plan to de-carbonise?  to Can you tell me how your business model aligns with the Paris Agreement?
  • …. questions that help you to decide whether they are an organisation or sector you would like to be part of.

Try to phrase your questions to demonstrate that you have done some research on the organisation and are looking for more insight or clarification: eg. ” I have seen that your organisation is particularly keen on diversity and inclusion, could you tell me a little more about …..”


  • Ask questions which are answered in the fair booklet! Employers may have travelled a long way, and will want to feel their time was worthwhile.
  • Come across as arrogant – for example by asking “Why should I join your company? What have you got to offer me?”
  • Just grab a freebie and leave.

Make notes

  • Try to make notes when you move away from a stand – write down the names of people with whom have you have spoken, and what they told you.
  • You can add value to applications by explaining that your interest in their organisation stems from “the careers fair, where XYX told me YXY”… This immediately demonstrates that you have taken time to research their organisation.
  • In smaller organisations, the person who attends the fair may be the person who reviews and  shortlists candidates. Referencing their name in an application may make them remember you, which could be advantageous if you made a good impression at the fair.

Feeling overwhelmed? Practise first!

Many individuals find  that they get very nervous approaching recruiters at Careers Fairs. If this resonates with you, then use the Careers Fair as an opportunity to practice your networking and information -gathering skills. Follow our advice above, but initially practice by talking to recruiters that are not your preferred places that you want to apply to  – or go to an earlier Careers Fair to explore a different sector. It will make you feel less nervous – and you might find that an organisation you thought was not of interest is more appealing than you had initially thought! You might want to prepare a brief introduction about yourself, including knowledge, skills and interests.

If you feel unsure where to start or whom to speak with then make sure you visit the Careers Service stand for help and advice.

After the fair
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Recruiters appreciate follow-up contact from those that they have met at the Fair. Contact those recruiters that you felt that you had built up a good rapport with: it demonstrates initiative. It will also help the recruiter to remember you, and many recruiters will note who has followed-up discussions with them. It’s all part of how to impress the recruiter and make yourself stand out.

Equality, Diversity and Positive Action
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The Careers Fairs can be very busy and getting the most out of attending the Fair can be challenging for some, such as those with disabilities and/or long-term health conditions to being able to talk about sensitive issues, such as, recruiter attitudes to gaps in education from ‘suspension in studies’.

If you feel that you may find attending the Fair is difficult for you( eg being able to easily get around the  recruiter stands because of mobility needs or have particular questions that you would like to ask but the lack of privacy in the Fair means you don’t feel able to, then please do contact the Careers Service prior to the Fair. Anything that you share with us will not be shared elsewhere. Do view the University Access Guide to check out the venue where the Fair is being held; and you can contact us, in advance on and we will endeavour to put in place appropriate adjustments for you to ensure that you are able to fully access  the Fair and make the most of being at the event.

Examples of adjustments we have put in place for those wanting to attend the Fairs include:

  • A member of staff to guide and assist students with visual or mobility impairment to navigate round the Fair stands.
  • Dedicated quiet seating area for students to rest and to have 1:1 discussions with recruiters away from the noise of the Fair.
  • Arranging 1:1s with recruiters to meet with students in a room away from the main Fair, so students can talk about sensitive issues or for students with a hearing impairment.
  • At many of the Careers Fairs, we hold a pre-Fair session for students with disabilities and long-term health conditions that enable those that attend to access the Fair early and discuss how to check out how disability-friendly a recruiter is. See CareerConnect for more details.

Contact our Reception Team on or telephone 01865 274646 to discuss what you would find helpful.

This information was last updated on 27 May 2020.
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This is a challenging time for all of us and for the screen industries too. The great news is that the industry and other online providers are offering training and courses (many of them free) to help anyone interested in further developing their interests and skills. You just have to be curious and track down what’s available that matches your interests.

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China Careers Insight continues!

Blogged by Julia Hilton on 05/03/2020.

The China Careers Insight programme continues to offer a number of webinars from employers in China (and globally) aimed at the recruitment of Chinese students studying at Oxford and other UK institutions. This programme was setup recently in place of the Warwick China Fair which had to be cancelled due to the spread of corona-virus. As before, the best way to stay in touch with all of the latest information is via the China Insight Careers App.  Details of the new webinars are as follows:

Advertising, Marketing and New Media Career Advice

Wednesday 11 March, 12:00-13:00

In this session, consultant Coolio Yang will be introducing his career with global agencies and as a blogger himself. He will be also talking about prospective in overseas students’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to finding a job, or setting up their own businesses in China.

Executive Sharing of Dell Technologies

Thursday 12 March, 9:30-10:15

Join us for this webinar to find out more about Dell and what it is like working for a multinational organisation, including competitive advantages and disadvantages as a UK graduate.

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  • Click on this event and all the details will be there!, or

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China Careers Insight Week (in place of cancelled China Careers Fair at Warwick)

Blogged by Julia Hilton on 11/02/2020.

As you are aware, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised against all travel to and from mainland China due to the risk of Coronavirus.  In light of this, we have made the decision to transform our Joint UK Universities China Career Fair (due to be held on 22 February 2020) into a virtual event. The event has been re-branded China Careers Insight Week and will include a number of webinars from employers in China and the UK aimed at the recruitment of Mainland China students during the week of the 17 February.

We will be sending out a newsletter with a full list of events and how to register online, vacancies as well as information on the “China Fair App” which has now been repurposed to show you an interactive online resource of employer information, webinars and more. Information on this will be sent out in the next week on how to download.

In the meantime you can register for the following webinar:

Preparing for the China Careers Insight Week

Thursday 13 Feb, 17:00 GMT. Sign up on the webinar registration page >>

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. If you are unable to join the webinar live we will be sending out a link of the recorded session after the event as well.

This webinar will contain sessions on:

  • Which employers are attending the China Careers Insight Week , what type of jobs are on offer and how to interpret information in job adverts such as job descriptions/person specifications
  • Defining your own career goals, aims and aspirations
  • How to review and improve your CV
  • How to introduce yourself to prospective employers in a professional way
  • How to develop your networking skills

We will keep you update on developments and which employers will be joining is but as a taster we have Hilti, P&G, EY, CPA Australia, Hays, BOE, Haier & Airbus with more still confirming.

Thank you for your patience we apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you will enjoy the alternative digital event delivered by joint universities.

If you have any questions, please contact

China Job Fairs 2020

Blogged by Julia Hilton on 21/01/2020.

With more than 1,000 Chinese students currently studying at Oxford and a significant Chinese alumni group, the Oxford Careers Service is committed to supporting Chinese students and alumni with their job search. We know that navigating the job market in China alongside studying in the UK is extremely challenging. Whilst we see many Chinese students keen to stay to work in the UK, we are fully aware of the need to identify opportunities back in China too. For these reasons we are offering a series of China Careers events in 2020 exclusively for Chinese students, research staff and alumni to attend. The Careers Service is working closely with the Oxford University Chinese Students and Scholars Association and the Oxford University Chinese Society to raise awareness of these China focused events. We are grateful to both groups for their support and hard work.

Warwick China Fair 2020

WHEN: Saturday 22 February, 10:00-15:00
WHERE: Oculus building, University of Warwick


Organised by Warwick, plus partner Universities (including Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Lancaster and Aston Universities), it will enable you to meet both UK and China recruiters with graduate roles in China.

The event includes a panel presentation about the current Chinese job market; a session on visas; plus a series of employer presentations.

Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong Careers Fairs 2020

Organised by the London School of Economics (LSE) in collaboration with partner institutions (University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, Columbia University and University of Chicago) to bring you Careers Fairs in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in August 2020. Full details will be updated on our China Careers pages as soon as we have them later this spring.

If you are fluent in Mandarin and would like to gain some social media marketing experience, we are also offering a China Fairs 2020 Marketing Assistant micro-internship at the Careers Service at the end of Hilary term. To find out more and apply visit CareerConnnect.

OX and Start-Ups Fair 2020

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 13/01/2020.

Looking to stay in Oxford after you graduate, or over the summer? The OX and Start-Ups Fair, co-hosted with Enterprising Oxford, brings together local employers and start-up companies from across Oxfordshire, all with vacancies for full-time jobs or internships!

  • WHEN: Wednesday, 12 February 2020 – exhibitors from 16:30-18:00
  • WHERE: H B Allen Centre, Keble College, OX2 6NN. Please use the entrance on 25 Banbury Road.

👍 Add the event to your Facebook calendar

Meet a diverse range of recruiters

For a full list of exhibiting recruiters, download the OX and Start-Ups Fair 2020 booklet (pdf).

Come and chat to recruiters. Think about what you would really like to know and ask them questions such as…

  • What is the sector actually like?
  • How can you build up the experience required?
  • What course of further study could you take?
  • How can you network successfully in that field?
  • Which aspects of your CV should you strengthen to be an outstanding candidate?
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