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The Internship Programme provides access to hundreds of summer internship opportunities. They are offered by our international alumni, by multi-national corporations, by world-leading NGOs, by cutting-edge research institutions and many other organisations, and all are exclusively available to Oxford University students. Since the programme’s inception students have undertaken internships in over 40 countries and have gained valuable work experience while travelling to exciting and exotic locations. The Internship Programme also gives you the chance to explore work experience options in a variety of sectors in the UK. The programme is open to all current matriculated (ie. not visiting) Oxford University students, undergraduates and postgraduates, including those in their final year of study.

The internships are advertised from the beginning of Hilary term each year.

What do the internships offer?

Although every internship is unique, we try to ensure that they provide the following common elements:

  • Full-time work for 4-12 weeks during the summer vacation
  • A defined project, which creates real value for the host organisation and a valuable learning experience for the student
  • Interaction with an assigned supervisor or mentor within the host organisation
  • A stipend, or some assistance with travel or accommodation
  • Payment at the national minimal wage or better, if the internship is in the UK, and in the for-profit sector
  • An international experience or access to an internship placement in the UK that is not readily available through alternative internship programmes
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More information about applying for opportunities on the Internship Programme is available on our webpages:

Get Advice about OUIP Applications

If you would like help with your OUIP internship applications, you can come to the Careers Service during a OUIP drop-in session to meet with a member of the Internship Office. Meetings are given on a first come first served basis, and can last up to 15 minutes, during which you can discuss your internship goals, or seek feedback on a CV or personal statement. The drop-in sessions run twice a week throughout Hilary term.

The Internship Office aims to make opportunities equally available to all current, matriculated Oxford students, regardless of race, gender or degree of disability. This policy is in accordance with the Careers Service mission statement, and the University’s Integrated Equal Opportunities Policy. To discuss any confidential issue relating to any additional needs you may have, please email

Audio intro

If you’d rather learn about the Internship Programme through an MP3, you can listen to the recording of our talk at International Careers Day 2016, where we introduce the programme.

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This information was last updated on 19 August 2016.
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Important Advice on EHIC Cards for EU Interns – PLEASE READ

Posted on behalf of The Internship Office. Blogged by Andrew Laithwaite on July 21, 2016.

If you are interning in Europe this summer, and are normally eligible for an EHIC card, please note that the regular EHIC card will NOT provide you with adequate cover.

For adequate cover if working or studying in Europe, you must make an application for a second, different EHIC card, using the paper application form obtainable from the NHS website. This applies to students undertaking all forms of internship, paid or voluntary, professionally- or study-based, as well as to students undertaking a year abroad. The internship need not be a formal part of your degree to warrant a separate EHIC.

All students must do this even if they already hold a valid EHIC that they have previously obtained for personal travel.

It is possible to hold two EHIC cards and it is not necessary to surrender the existing EHIC in order for the new one to be issued.

No form of supporting evidence from the host organisation, duration of dates etc. is required. Students simply provide a note along with their application form outlining all of the requested information.

There is no minimum duration required for the placement in order to be able obtain the non-standard EHIC – the card will be issued based on the duration of the placement.

Where you will have a combination of activities (e.g. one semester exchange/study + one semester work placement), only one EHIC card is needed provided that you outline full details of your arrangements in the application.

The standard EHIC card should be used to cover any personal medical expenses that occur outside of the placement dates.

Please follow this link for full details, including a link to the paper application form.

New – Guide to CareerConnect!

Blogged by John Gilbert on July 12, 2016.

If you need help getting the best out of CareerConnect, we’ve just published a comprehensive Guide for students, alumni and research staff, that takes you step-by-step through how to find opportunities, events, placements on our programmes and more!

To find out how to fully explore the password-protected area of our website, download the Guide to CareerConnect now.

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