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Internships are listed by the country in which the employer is based, and the title clarifies whether the internship was remote working, if it took place in person or a mixture of both.

The Summer Internship Programme advertises hundreds of summer internship opportunities in locations across the globe, all exclusively available to current, matriculated Oxford University students. You can find out more about the programme on the Summer Internship Programme webpage.

You can also download and read the Summer Internship Programme Experience documents offline.

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Student testimonials

Hear from former Oxford interns on the Summer Internship Programme and find out what to expect and how you can make the most of an internship.

Saida Azizova on her internship at the Georg Eckert Institute

Lottie Page on her internship at Castle Blatna

Ruby Cooper on her internship at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research

Lara Garret on her internship at Weston Library

Emma Mao on her internship at the University of Murcia

Barbara Francik on her internship at Muncaster Castle


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Since the programme began, students have completed internships in over 40 countries and have gained valuable work experience in a variety of sectors. The programme is open to all current, matriculated Oxford University students (both undergraduates and postgraduates), including those in their final year of study. Internships can be remote, in-person or hybrid, and they are advertised on CareerConnect from the beginning of Hilary term each year. Find out more about the programme.

Please keep in mind that visiting students are not eligible to apply.

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