Applying to the Micro-Internship Programme

Details of all opportunities will be made available on CareerConnect during the Micro-Internship application period, through which all applications to the scheme must be made.

The Micro-Internship Programme 2020/21


Advertising date

Application deadline

Placement weeks

Michaelmas Cycle



7 October 2020


26 October 2020

7-11 December 2020 or

14-18 December 2020

Hilary Cycle (Jan-March)


13 January 2021


1 February 2021

15 – 19 March 2021 or

22-26 March 2021

Trinity Cycle



21 April 2021


10 May 2021

21-25 June 2021 or

28 June – 2 July 2021


Summer Vacation Cycle




12 July 2021


2 August 2021

6-11 September 2021 or

13-17 September 2021

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All placements available through The Micro-Internship Programme are advertised on CareerConnect.

Once logged in, go to Search Internship Office and Skills Programmes under the search tab. You will then need to select the 'The Micro-Internship Programme’ filter, which can be found under the Programme heading (on the left side of the page). This will then list all available micro-internships on offer.


Each cycle of the Micro-Internship Programme is open to all matriculated students (undergraduate and postgraduate). The Summer Vacation cycle of the Micro-Internship Programme is also open to those students who have completed their courses in June/July of that academic year. Students can apply for a maximum of two micro-internships per cycle. During cycles where we run a second round, students can make an additional application.  

Students will be required to submit the following as part of your application:

  1. a one-page Curriculum Vitae - This should be saved as Student Name – Employer name(CV) in PDF format. We require that you submit a one-page CV. Please be aware that if your CV runs over to two pages, only the first page will be sent with your application.  For guidance on CV writing, please see our page on page on How to Draft a Standard CV
  2. A 300-word Personal Statement - Here you should outline your suitability for the internship in question. For guidance on writing your personal statement please see our page on How to Write Cover Letters.

Confirmation of submission - If your application has been uploaded correctly you should receive an automatic confirmation email from CareerConnect, and your application will appear on your CareerConnect dashboard. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your application has been submitted successfully. If you do not receive a confirmation of submission within 3 hours, please contact

The Internship Office aims to make opportunities equally available to all current, matriculated Oxford students, regardless of race, gender or degree of disability. This policy is in accordance with the Careers Service mission statement, and the University’s Integrated Equal Opportunities Policy. To discuss any confidential issue relating to any additional needs you may have, please email

I previously completed a micro-internship with an employer, can I apply to/undertake the same placement as part of the Micro-Internship Programme again?

No. Students are unable to repeat micro-internships with an employer as part of the Micro-Internship Programme – even if the micro-internship takes place in a different term or academic year.  

Can I apply to/undertake a micro-internship with an employer who has hosted me as a micro-intern previously, if the project is different?  

Yes, but only if the project is substantially different to the micro-internship you completed with them previously. Please note students can only undertake one micro-internship a term for a maximum of 5 days.  Should the micro-internship be the same/similar to the one you completed with them previously, you are unable to apply to/undertake this as part of the Micro-Internship Programme. 


If you are unsure on if the project is substantially different, please contact

Throughout the Micro-Internship application period the Internship Office holds 20-minute one-to-one Application Support Sessions.

During these sessions we can discuss your placement goals, clarify any questions you have about the programmes, or provide feedback on CVs and personal statements.

In addition, the Internship Office run regular workshop that covers what the Micro-Internship Programme is and what to include in your application.

Both the application support sessions and Micro-Internship Programme workshops can be signed up to on CareerConnect during the application period.

Processing applications

  • Your application will be considered by the host organisation after the closing date. The selection process takes approximately two weeks (However, at times the selection process may be slightly longer and is subject to change)
  • Please note that not every host will undertake interviews and may make their selection based on your application alone. Should your host wish to interview you, they will arrange the interview time and interview location with you directly.
  • Once a host informs the Internship Office of their decision, we will communicate the outcome to the students – including outcomes of those students who have undertaken interviews.

If your application is successful

Firstly, you should think carefully about whether you are serious in committing to the offer. Please only accept the placement if you fully intend to see it through.

If you are made an offer, you have 24 hours to accept or decline the offer (once you have heard both outcomes, if applicable). Please note you are only allowed to accept one micro-internship offer per cycle. The Internship Office will then connect students with their host via email so arrangements can be made prior to the placement week.

If your application is not successful

If you are unsuccessful, the host employer is unfortunately unable to provide you with feedback. However, you can book in an advice appointment with a Careers Adviser to review your application and receive further guidance. If we run a second round during that cycle, you are free to apply to another micro-internship. Alternatively, you can apply again next cycle.

If you have any further questions, please contact us! You can email the team at 

To keep updated with the launch of vacancies and deadlines for the submission of applications, make sure you follow the Careers Service blog, sign up to our Internship Alerts mailing list, and follow the Internship Office on Facebook.


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