The Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme

Scholars have access to exclusive internships through the Crankstart Internship Programme, as well as one-to-one careers and internship support and advice. The Careers Mentoring Programme matches Crankstart Scholars with an experienced professional in an industry/sector which the student is personally interested in pursuing.

Once matched, mentors and mentees will meet four times over the course of 4 to 6 months. Mentors and mentees are supported throughout this time by the Careers Mentoring Team at the Internship Office.

The Crankstart Mentoring Programme 2023-2024


Applications for the 2023-24 academic year are now open and close on 16 November 2023. You can find out more about the programme and apply through CareerConnect.

Apply for the Crankstart Mentoring Programme

Information session

If you are interested in having a mentor and would like to find out more, register to attend the Crankstart Careers Mentoring Information Evening on 24 October, from 17:00-18:00, at the Careers Service.

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If you are selected to be a mentee, you will receive an extensive guide and training before meeting your mentor – so don’t worry if you feel unsure about what a mentoring session itself would be like. However, below are some of the benefits you might seek from having a mentor on the Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme:

  • Insight into an industry/sector you may have otherwise had not had the chance to gain
  • Opportunity to reflect on your career ambitions and goals
  • Chance to be challenged during your sessions, in a way which will differ from your academic challenges
  • Build confidence by gaining invaluable employability skills
  • Opportunity to potentially build networks and develop an awareness on how to make and maintain professional contacts

If you would like to be considered for the Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme, you will first have to submit an application via CareerConnect (applications will reopen in October 2023). This will be reviewed by a team of Careers Service staff, who will then match you to a suitable mentor, who we feel will work with your interests.

Selected mentees will attend a training session before the meetings begin. Mentors and mentees will have 4 mentoring sessions, over a period of time which is most suitable for you and your mentor. Depending on your mentor’s location, this may happen at their place of work or if not possible, (for example they are based outside of the UK) over a call. 

Mentoring sessions are a chance for the mentee to set objectives in terms of careers aspirations and implement an action plan for the course of your mentoring.

Programme timeline:

  • 16 October - 17 November: Crankstart Scholars can apply to be a mentee
  • 24 October: Information evening for interested Scholars
  • 28 November: Mentee training session
  • By early February: All mentees are selected and matched with a suitable mentor
  • February onwards: 4 mentoring sessions

Mentees will be able to claim expenses for any travel needed as part of the Careers Mentoring Programme. The expectation is that this will be to and from the mentee’s base and the mentor’s place of work for meetings.

Receipts must be provided to claim expenses, and will only cover public transport. Scholars should endeavour to find the safest modes of transport, for the most reasonable price. Please note that any money claimed will come out of the Crankstart Internship bursary allocation of £3,200.

Please contact if you are a mentee needing an expense form.

If you have any questions about the Mentoring Programme please do contact the Crankstart Internships and Careers Mentoring Team:

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