About the Crankstart Internship Programme

You can receive advice and guidance through the programme at any time with a view to undertaking a work placement in one of your vacations.

What we offer

The Crankstart Internship Programme is facilitated by the Internship Office. The features of the Programme include:

If you have any questions about the Programme and/or any of its features, please email crankstart-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk.

The Crankstart Internship Programme offers both remote internships (which can be undertaken from any location) and in-person internships (which are undertaken at the employer’s premises). These arrangements are considered carefully according to the circumstances surrounding each placement. For in-person internships, it is essential that interns regularly check the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website.

If you are an employer interested in offering an internship to Crankstart Scholars or other students at Oxford, please see our Information for Employers.

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Crankstart exclusive internships

We offer over 200 internships each academic year in a variety of sectors exclusively to Crankstart Scholars, taking place in the winter, spring and summer vacations. Employers who have participated include The Institute of Cancer Research, The Institute for Public Policy Research, The World Resource Institute, Publishers Association and Justice.

Crankstart Exclusive Internships are advertised on a rolling basis via the Crankstart Internship Programme bulletins, which are sent to all Scholars approximately once a week during term-time.

Help finding your own internship

We can help Crankstart Scholars find work experience corresponding to your skills and interests. This can be in any sector and for any duration, from a week’s work-shadowing to a three-month internship over the summer. Your placement can take place in the UK or abroad. We will assist you in identifying a suitable host organisation.

Getting ideas

The first part of this process is to identify the type of placement you would like to undertake. To start your research you can:

  • Book a one-to-one Crankstart CV & Internship Appointment via CareerConnect. These are 30 minute sessions dedicated to internship support (more information below)
  • Book an appointment to see a Careers Adviser for sector-specific advice. Our careers advisers offer objective, confidential careers guidance based on your individual needs.  They can also check CVs and cover letters. Please let them know you are a Crankstart Scholar so that you can be fast-tracked if needed.
  • Look at different sectors to see what you might be interested in.
  • Keep an eye on the Crankstart Internship Bulletin for offers of exclusive internships for scholars, as well as other careers opportunities and ideas.
  • Browse  the Summer Internship Programme  listings on CareerConnect for ideas (open from Hilary term).
  • Explore the Micro-Internship Programme, which offers short work placements in 9th Week of every term.
  • Search for an internship on our vacancy database CareerConnect, where you will find vacancies and internship programmes from national and international recruiters.

Following an internship

On completion of an internship found through the Crankstart Internship Programme, you are committed to providing feedback on your experiences. This will comprise of a feedback form which is emailed out after the finish date. Considerable value is placed on the feedback as it helps to develop and improve the programme. If you have any queries please contact us: crankstart-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk.

The Internship Office

As part of the Crankstart Internship Programme, we have a dedicated Crankstart Team in the Internship Office who can answer any queries you have about the programme or the Internship Office. We are happy to offer guidance and answer questions from making an application to reflecting on what you have gained from the experience. We can also answer questions on funding for internships, or booking a one to one session. The best way to do this is to email us at crankstart-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk


Crankstart Scholars have unlimited access to internship and CV advice support from Dr Fiona Whitehouse, Head of the Internship Office or with a dedicated Careers Adviser. 30-minute sessions are run throughout the week for Crankstart Scholars at the Careers Service. In these sessions you can receive advice on anything internships related; whether you have an idea of the area you are interested in and would like to know your options with internships, or you have a clear idea of an internship and would like support with your application and CV. Appointments can be arranged by booking on CareerConnect.

Scholars seeking more general careers advice/sector-specific advice can also book to see a Careers Adviser, again via CareerConnect.


As a Crankstart Scholar you can apply for funding to support your internship. This can be for an internship that is advertised through the Crankstart Internship Programme or for one which you secure yourself. Internships include both research and professional experiences and should provide training and support to aid your career development. Internships should offer an opportunity to work on a graduate-level, structured project or a defined set of tasks.

The awards vary depending on the location of the internship, the remuneration and living arrangements. The University has to ensure that Crankstart Internship Programme funding is directed to approved opportunities that make the best impact in widening opportunities for the maximum number of Crankstart Scholars possible. All proposals are subject to an approvals process. Before making an application, please note the following:

  • You can expect us to confirm internships with host organisation before a bursary is paid.
  • If you are applying for a self-sourced internship (i.e. one not arranged through the internship office), you will have to submit a confirmation letter from your employer stating the duration and remuneration of the internship. Self-sourced internships must conform to all the rules of the Crankstart Internship Bursary.
  • For-profit organisations are expected to pay at least National Minimum Wage (NMW). However, you can claim the difference between NMW and London Living Wage (£13.15 per hour), if your internship is based in London, or Oxford Real Living Wage (£11.35 per hour) for all internships in the UK. Please note that Oxford Living Wage is due to increase to £12.49 from 1 April 2024: any UK internships taking place outside London from April 2024 onwards should be calculated at the new rate.
  • All UK internships funded through the Crankstart Internship Bursary are paid at Living Wage. Under exceptional circumstances, we will consider funding expenses instead if these are higher than Living Wage and you can provide evidence that Living Wage will not cover the cost of your internship. However, any expenses claimed must be deemed reasonable for both the location and duration of the internship.
  • We do not provide funding for internships offered through a fee-paying organisation.
  • For conservation internships and international medical electives, we would urge you to discuss your requirements directly with the Internship Office as we know these are often arranged through a third party with a fee attached.
  • We do not provide funding for internships organised by a third-party/recruitment organisation.
  • Save in exceptional circumstances that meet our criteria, we do not provide funding to attend Insight Days, Summer Schools or conferences. In rare cases where payment for a conference is approved only the conference fee, travel and accommodation costs can be considered (and not any lost earnings).
  • We do not fund work undertaken on behalf of students, student societies or student led organisations (either for committee work or related voluntary activity). 
  • Funding cannot be provided more than once for the same internship.
  • Funding is only available for internships that take place during the winter, spring, or long vacation, unless you are a suspended student.
  • Any potential conflict of interest should be declared (e.g you must declare if you or any partner or family member have any interest in a host organisation). Having such an interest does not necessarily prevent funding being given, depending on the circumstances. Failure to declare such an interest may result in you being required to repay funding.
  • Retrospective claims for funding will only be considered in exceptional circumstances (for example, unanticipated costs). Funding request put forward due to exceptional circumstances must be made within six months of completion of the placement (and by the end of June of your final year if you are a finalist). Requests put forward after this time will not be considered.
  • Payment for internships is limited to 37.5 hours per week.
  • Internships are limited to 8 weeks. These can be extended up to 12 weeks for finalists, or for other Scholars with the approval of your Senior Tutor.
  • The limit on funding for a given academic year is £3,200.
  • Crankstart-funded internships cannot be included in your Crankstart volunteering hours.
  • Once funding requests have been approved it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the payment to be processed by the University’s central finance department.
  • If an internship is cancelled (either by you or by the host), any funding provided will need to be returned in full. If an internship is only partially completed, the balance of the funds for the work not undertaken will need to be returned. You are required to inform us if your internship is not completed, or only partially completed.
  • Finalists applying for an internship after graduation must begin their placements by the beginning of Michaelmas term to be eligible for funding.
  • Students should research and carefully consider the risks involved in undertaking internships abroad by checking the FCDO web site. Do not apply for internships where the FCDO advises against travel as you will not receive funding. All students undertaking internships outside the UK must attend the ‘Planning a safe internship: Fieldwork Training’ workshop.
  • We reserve the right to reclaim your internship award if you do not provide the mandatory feedback on your internship experience.

Applications for the Crankstart Internship Bursary for the 2023-24 academic year are now open. The deadline for Crankstart funding requests for the 2023-24 academic year is midday 3 July 2024. The new application form can be accessed through 'Pathways' on Career Connect. It is important that you check the application requirements carefully on the first section of the form.

Apply for the Crankstart Internship Bursary


In applying for an internship through The Crankstart Internship Programme you agree to the following roles and responsibilities. Please read through the list below carefully and use it as a checklist to help prepare for your internship. This list is a mandatory component of the programme and online application form; you will be unable to submit an application unless you agree to the below. 

By applying to and participating in the Oxford University Crankstart Internship Programme I agree to: 

  • Satisfy myself that the internship is suitable for my needs in terms of content and environment. 

  • Take responsibility for checking the viability of the internship, including (for international internships) regularly checking the Foreign Office website, as well as local guidance to ensure the internship can be undertaken. 

  • Cover directly any costs arising from health protection measures, such as quarantine, testing or any other requirements of travel, save where the costs are expressly covered by any scholarship or other funding which I may be awarded relating to the internship. The Internship Office cannot be held responsible for additional costs that arise. 

  • My personal data being transferred to the internship host for the purpose of assessing my application. I also accept that my data may be processed by the internship host in a country outside of the UK’s GDPR adequacy regulations. 

  • Under no circumstances accept an internship that I do not fully intend to complete. (Students who are in doubt as to whether to accept an internship offer should seek advice from the Internship Office or a Careers Adviser). Please note that you can undertake up to 3 weeks’ worth of work experience during the winter and spring vacation, and a maximum of 8 weeks during the summer vacation. Finalists may work for up to 12 weeks during the summer vacation.  

  • Make travel arrangements and, where necessary, find suitable accommodation for the duration of the internship. 

  • Contribute to the internship in a professional manner. 

  • Obtain adequate travel and medical insurance which includes cover for personal money and property risks; any emergency medical expenses; and repatriation in case of a medical emergency or death. 

  • Act as an ambassador for the University of Oxford, being aware at all times that my personal conduct both on placement and outside of work will reflect upon myself and the university. 

  • Communicate regularly with the assigned point of contact within the host organisation. 

  • Research the terms of any University or College travel grants that I wish to apply for to complement any stipend that may be offered by the host organisation or through the programme and apply for such grant(s) in good time. 

  • (For International Internships) Ensure that my passport is up to date and understand how long my passport must be valid for to enter the required country. 

  • Obtain visa and work permits where necessary and take responsibility for making enquiries as to whether these are required. See our webpage on International Travel and Work Experience Vsas for useful resources.

  • (For International Internships) Arrange to have any necessary vaccinations etc. which may be appropriate for the host country. 

  • Advise the Internship Office on crankstart-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk if any difficulties arise before or during an internship that may affect my ability to complete the placement. 

  • Provide feedback to Oxford University at the end of the internship. 

I understand: 

  • What is offered by the package of support or funding available with this internship, and that it is my responsibility to satisfy myself that the internship is financially viable for me. If a host is funding this internship and I become aware of any difficulties in receiving payment from the host organisation, I will notify the Internship Office immediately. I understand that the Internship Office is not responsible for reimbursing me in respect of any funding the host organisation may fail to pay me.

  • That there is support available from the Careers Service, should I wish to declare a physical or mental disability or any health issues that I feel may impact my internship. Further, that while the Careers Service can communicate disability-related needs to the internship provider on my behalf, the University is not responsible for the steps, if any, taken by the host organisation in response to that information and cannot advise on the extent of the host organisation’s obligation, if any, to make reasonable adjustments.  

  • That if I am successful in securing an international internship, I understand that it is my responsibility to take reasonable steps to familiarise myself with the laws and customs of the location I am travelling to, including checking the Foreign Office website. 

  • That if I accept an international internship I must attend the mandatory Careers Service training ‘Planning for a Safe Internship’ before going and undertake appropriate research into the laws and customs of the country, to ensure that I understand any risks associated with such travel (visit the dedicated Foreign Office webpage with useful advice for solo female travellers, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers, as well as Mental health travel advice). 

  • That the University is not responsible in any way for the acts and/or omissions of the host organisation or any other aspect of my internship experience. 

I confirm that the information provided in this application is to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true, and I understand that inaccurate or untruthful information may compromise my application and/or terms of agreement of the internship and/or lead to the offer of the internship being withdrawn. 

We are occasionally asked if an internship can be counted as volunteering. The short answer to this question is ‘no’. An unpaid internship, particularly if it is supported by a Crankstart Internship bursary, cannot be included in your volunteering hours. Please read the Crankstart - Volunteering FAQs for further information.

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