Insight into Strategy and Management

Our Insight into Strategy and Management programme is designed to demystify business and increase understanding of professional life to help students become ready for employment. At the end of this six session programme you will be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the principles of business strategy, finance and management to prospective employers. You will also be able to apply the learning to cases and other interviews.

The programme is open to University of Oxford undergraduate and postgraduate students.

How to apply

Applications are now open for the Hilary term programme. In order to attend the programme, you must complete an application on CareerConnect.

Apply for Insight into Strategy and Management

Please note that you will hear whether you have been successful after applications close on 8 February 2024.


By signing up to Insight into Strategy and Management in Michaelmas term, you are committing to attending all the programme sessions: 

  1. Tuesday 13 February 2024.15:00-16:30
  2. Thursday 15 February 2024.15:00-16:30
  3. Tuesday 20 February 2024.15:00-16:30
  4. Thursday 22 February 2024.15:00-16:30
  5. Tuesday 27 February 2024.15:00-16:30
  6. Thursday 29 February 2024.15:00-16:30

About the programme

To support learning and encourage a more interactive virtual classroom, participants will be expected to complete some short assignments before sessions, both in virtual teams and independently. You will also have an opportunity to think about your personal perspective to help with career choices, prepare for interviews and plan your personal development. 

Topics will include marketing and the customer proposition, key financial reports and investment finance, team working, and recruitment and selection.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate to prospective employers a broad understanding of business
  • Explain the marketing essentials that are core to business strategy
  • Explain business finance principles and commonly used reports and tools
  • Apply the knowledge and skills you learn to cases
  • Ask informed and relevant questions at interviews.
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