The Micro-Internship Programme: Sector List

Micro-Internships are 2-5-day voluntary learning and development opportunities, exclusively available to current, matriculated Oxford University students. 

Each internship gives you the opportunity to observe and assist with a defined project. The aim is to develop your employability skills, add to your CV, gain experience in a specific sector and to offer you the opportunity to network with a range of employers. 

You will be able to browse micro-internships by sector below, click on the titles to find out more and submit your applications in CareerConnect.

Summer Micro-Internships

The second round of the Summer Micro-Internships is now live until Monday 27 May. You can submit one application in this round.

The micro-internships advertised for the summer round of applications will run from 17-21 June 2024 or 24-28 June 2024.

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Q: I have not heard back regarding my application in the first round. What do I do?

If you submitted an application during the first round, we will update your on this application in due course and try to confirm the status of your first round application in enough time for you to apply for the second round if needed. 

Q: How many micro-internships can I apply for in the second round?

All students - whether you applied in the first round or not - can only apply for a maximum of 1 placement in the second round. 

Q: I have not heard back regarding my first round application and I can see they are advertising the same position in the second round. Does this mean I have been unsuccessful?

No. Please note that some hosts have asked to advertise additional placements in the second round. Therefore, if you see a host re-advertising the placement, this does not mean you have been unsuccessful. We will confirm the status of your application for the first round as soon as we are told. 

Q: I was unsuccessful in my application for a particular placement in the first round. Can I apply again to them in the second round?

No. If a first round application is unsuccessful, you will not be able to apply again for the same placement, even in the second round. You can however apply to other placements that you did not apply for in the first round. 

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