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The Student and Employer Engagement Team at the Careers Service can help you whether you are an experienced recruiter at Oxford or just starting out; whether you are from a multi-national corporation looking for 200 new graduates this year, or a local start-up company looking to recruit a research scientist.

We can answer enquiries about the service, including:

  • Joining the Oxford Employer Engagement Network
  • Posting job vacancies
  • Attending careers fairs
  • Giving corporate presentations
  • Organising mail shots
  • Contacting student societies
  • Making room bookings for presentations or interviews within the Careers Service
  • Introducing you to the right careers adviser, who can discuss how students are thinking about your industry/occupation and what similar organisations do to promote themselves in Oxford
  • Explaining colleges, departments, subjects, degrees and some of the Oxford terms we use

To contact the Student and Employer Engagement Team, email or call us on +44 (0) 1865 274663. Anyone on the team can help you.

Event spaces and room hire available

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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The Oxford Employer Engagement Network

For those employers who wish to gain advantageous recruiting insights, make their recruiting efforts more efficient and are looking to attract students with enhanced promotion.

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