Crankstart Career Development Programme

An Exclusive Careers Service Programme for Oxford University Crankstart Scholars

Not sure how to start developing a career plan? Do you have some ideas but need some help developing them?

Hilary term is jam-packed with career activities, and internship opportunities for the spring and summer vacation. In the Crankstart Career Development Programme, you will find out what is available to you in order to develop a strategy and move forward confidently, no matter what point you are in your career preparedness. The programme will take place on on Tuesday, 1 February 2022, 14:00-16:00.

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About the Crankstart Career Development Programme

The commitment will involve a 2-hour workshop. Before the session, Scholars will be asked to complete a short pre-programme activity. 

We will be covering everything from how to generate career ideas through to career essentials such as CVs and will be introducing you to the many resources that will help you on your career path.

This session will focus on the following areas:

Career ideas and exploration:

  • Strategies for generating ideas that could suit you
  • Finding out more about options and deepening your research
  • Practical ways to identify the best option(s) for you

Key advice on career essentials:

  • Creating a persuasive CV
  • Talking to others about your ideas and plans
  • Internship and job search strategy

Practical information and advice on accessing activities and resources to develop your career ideas with confidence:

  • How to navigate the many careers activities on offer
  • How to access internship opportunities
  • How to book appointments with careers advisers

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