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Our website is open access and includes many briefings written by our team of Careers Advisers, containing up to date information and resources. This page is a summary of our resources with links to specific pages that we hope you will find useful.

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Careers Weaver

This app contains exercises to help you reflect on the different aspects of your job choice and career development so far, to better equip you to understand your motivations and make informed career decisions in the future.

Generating Career Ideas

For help in understanding your motivations/interests and identifying potential careers.

Sector Career Briefings

A great starting point for an insight into various industries: potential jobs, the skills and experience needed, and additional resources for your research.


In some sectors, networking is essential. More generally, it is helpful to find out about opportunities within a sector or what a certain career path entails. This briefing gives tips on how to network effectively and the resources you can use to do so.

The Oxford Guide to Careers

Each year, the Careers Service publishes The Oxford Guide to Careers, containing information about various sectors, alumni profiles, advice on applications and much more. The 2020 Guide is available at the Careers Service or online on ISSUU.

Finding Work in Oxford

Whether you are looking for long- or short-term work, this briefing gives an overview of the job market and well-represented sectors in the Oxford area. It also provides links to job postings and recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Agencies

Guidance on how agencies work and how to use them effectively.

Finding Jobs Outside the UK

Whether you are looking for short- or long-term work abroad, this briefing will give advice on how to begin your search and tips on applications. There are external resources sorted by country/region so you can gain an idea of the job market in various regions.

Making Speculative Approaches

As some opportunities are unadvertised, it is useful to gain skills in approaching companies to find out what opportunities may be available.


Our comprehensive guide to CVs will give tips and essential criteria, with advice on different kinds of CVs: from academic to skills-based.

Cover Letters

What to include in a cover letter and how to tailor it to a specific position.

Demonstrate You Fit the Job Criteria

Tips on how to present your experience and enthusiasm in applications.

Application Forms

Advice on how to complete forms and effectively answer employers’ questions.

Psychometric Tests

Employers use various tests as part of the recruitment process, and this briefing explains the different kinds of tests, how they are used, and gives resources for practice.


We have various briefings on different types of interview, summaries of what to expect and effective preparation tips.

Assessment Centres

Our guide includes information on the various tasks within an assessment centre and what to expect on the day, alongside other resources to help with preparation.

People and Organisational Development (POD)

POD runs a range of courses and programmes for development and careers support. These are for the benefit of staff across the University: from academics to support staff.


Molly is the the IT Learning Centre’s collection of online courses and resources, including the University’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning and the IT Learning Portfolio. Access to these tools is free to University members.

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