Develop Your Employability Skills

We recommend that you consider your current set of employability skills, and look for opportunities to improve them while at Oxford. You will develop some of these skills within your course or your research work. It is also possible to ‘develop the mindset’ further by reading, online research and networking, or by following the advice in our Online and Self-Directed Skills Development briefing.

However, employers like to see how you have developed your skills in an applied, real-world setting. To this end it is important to seek hands-on experience that can be used to provide clear examples of how you have used these skills and strengthen your case with evidence of the quality and impact of your contributions.

The Careers Service offers lots of ideas for developing these skills within and outside the University setting. These include our own employability programmes as well becoming involved with student societies, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities. Use the ideas in the skill-specific sections below to stimulate your thinking and to identify ways you might continue to build your skills and experience.