About the Micro-Internship Programme

Micro-Internships are 2-5-day voluntary learning and development opportunities exclusively on offer to Oxford University students. Each placement gives you the opportunity to observe and assist with a notable project. The aim is to develop your employability skills, add to your CV, and offer you the opportunity to make new professional contacts.

There are a broad range of placements advertised through the programme across various sectors and involving many different skills. The project with which you assist may be self-contained or form part of a larger, on-going project - sometimes this may even be a project begun by previous Oxford micro-interns. Your experience will usually be accompanied by work shadowing, offering insight into the professional workings and daily life at your host organisation.   

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There are many significant benefits to micro-internships, and you might apply to the programme to undertake these learning and development opportunities for several reasons:

  • Gain employability skills and enhance your CV – acquire a range of employability skills such as problem-solving, self-management, presentation and communication skills, and commercial awareness (see more on our Employability Skills webpages). These skills are highly valued by employers and the ability to demonstrate them on your CV, cover letter and in interview is vital during the recruitment process.
  • Exploration and insight – micro-internships allow you to explore career options, gain insight into a sector that is new to you, or experience an area outside of your academic field. If you are considering pursuing a career in a certain sector, a micro-internship is a great way of helping you to decide if you might like to pursue it further.
  • Variety on offer – because placements are both short and voluntary, a great variety of organisations are able to offer placements through the programme, many of which would not ordinarily be in a position to support interns – in particular start-ups and charities.
  • Gain contacts – placements provide a fantastic opportunity to network with professionals in your chosen field, with some micro-internships leading to further work experience or career opportunities.
  • Convenience – all micro-internships last 2-5 days and take place at the end of term or in your long vacation, so you can gain work experience even if you have a busy academic schedule.

Feedback from previous micro-interns

I found the project to be very engaging and informative, particularly researching new industries and reporting my findings. It was extremely beneficial to develop and utilise skills that otherwise would not have been covered on my academic course.  3rd year MEng Engineering Science, micro-intern at MeVitae

I think the real benefit to me has been the experience of working in a start-up and getting acquainted with the working culture of a company that is still working out how everything functions. I really enjoyed this because it meant that I wasn’t expected to perfectly mesh into a pre-existing structure, but rather my role was largely determined by what I could contribute. MPhil General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, micro-intern at Cycle.land

I was very impressed with Unlocked Graduates and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The small nature of the company gave me a very hands-on experience with multiple areas of office life. The recruitment team who I was stationed with was very welcoming. They gave me tasks which I felt I could perform well in, and were careful not to just make me feel like I was there in a “tea-making” role, but that I was actually doing tasks which were helpful. My supervisor also allowed me to sit in on interviews for marketing positions, which will be useful to me in applying for graduate scheme positions in the future. 2nd year English Language and Literature, micro-intern at Unlocked Graduates

The project has helped me to understand that I would like to go into a career that involves a lot of written communication. Undertaking the internship helped to improve my confidence because I began to understand that I am good in this area and have the talents to pursue it. 2nd year BA Geography, micro-intern at Right for Education

This internship was a very special experience. It was certainly a unique opportunity that allowed me to work with collections that I otherwise would have never had access to. Simply being able to handle and get to learn about such beautiful silver was incredible, but the host organisation also went out of their way to make sure that I got the most out of the week. DPhil Classical Archaeology, micro-intern at St John’s College

I thought this internship was fantastic. I gained a lot of exposure to all aspects of the business: sales, marketing, PR and product design.The particular firm was unique, especially with regard to its office atmosphere, so it was interesting to see somewhere so different to typical City firms. It has really encouraged me to think about working for a business like Central 23: that is, a business that is entrepreneurial, fast-paced and ambitious. The team was so welcoming and informative. I mainly applied for an internship to enrich my CV but I ended up benefiting in many other ways. 1st year Philosophy, Politics and Economics, micro-intern at Central 23

Most placements take place in the UK and Mainland Europe. However, there are also a number of placements on offer each term that must be completed remotely from your home. At current, all micro-internships will be completed remotely from home.

The Micro-Internship Programme runs four times a year - taking place at the end of each term and once again in September, before the next academic year starts. The Micro-Internship Programme 2020/21 placement dates are as follows:

  • Michaelmas Term – 7-11 December OR 14-18 December 2020
  • Hilary Term – 15-19 March OR 22-26 March 2021
  • Trinity Term – 21-25 June OR 28 June – 2 July 2021
  • Summer Vacation – 6- 10 September OR 13-17 September 2021

Usually, micro-internships are full-time hours (for example - but not limited to - 9am-5pm) each day, although this is decided by the host and will be communicated to you before your placement. Some hosts offer flexible working hours, and this is usually stated in the advert. Therefore, please ensure before applying that you are available during the placement week. Please be aware of differing timezones when accepting a placement and make your micro-internship host aware as to avoid conflicting timezones. 

All matriculated students, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Taught and Research) can apply to all four cycles of the Programme.

The Summer Vacation cycle is also open to students who have completed their course that academic year (for example, if you complete your course in June/July 2021 you can still take part in the Micro-Internship Programme (Summer Vacation) in September 2021).  If you are a student who falls into this category, you will need to register an alternative email address on CareerConnect to be able to apply to the Micro-Internship Programme (Summer Vacation). Please note that you will not have access to the Programme after the September you complete your course.

Unfortunately, visiting students, MBA and EMBA students (Saïd Business School) are unable to apply. We encourage MBA and EMBA students to access the Saïd Business School Careers Service.

No. Micro-Internships are voluntary learning and development opportunities and therefore unpaid. However, if you physically attend your placement, your host organisation will cover any local travel (not inter-city travel) and reasonable lunch expenses, on submission of receipt. If the placement is to be completed remotely from home, the employer will not be required to cover any part of your expenses, unless they require you to travel as part of your placement.

Workshop: 'What is the Micro-Internship Programme?'

Each term the Internship Office runs a workshop that covers what the Micro-Internship Programme is and what to include in your application. These will be advertised each term on CareerConnect.

Any further questions?

Please contact us! You can email micro-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk. 


To keep updated with the launch of vacancies and deadlines for the submission of applications, make sure you follow the Careers Service blog, sign up to our Internship Alerts mailing list, and follow the Internship Office on Facebook.


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