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Update: 23 March 2020 

In light of the constantly evolving situation with regards to coronavirus, and in order to safeguard both students and partner employers, the Internship Office has made the decision to proceed only with previously arranged summer internships and not to add new entrants to our programmes.

This decision is effective as of 17 March 2020 until further notice. This means we will not be able to discuss the possibility of new internships being arranged with new international or UK partners, but we will continue to support the internships which have been previously arranged where suitable measures are put in place such as working from home (please note that some internships are still live, but no new ones will be added).

The University of Oxford is a global institution, and our students and host partners are based all over the world. We have therefore left some internships open, should there be an opportunity to proceed. We will assess this on a case by case basis in communication with students and partners. We have reminded both hosts and students taking part in our programmes that it is their responsibility to check the official guidance that relates to their location.

About the programme

The Summer Internship Programme provides access to hundreds of internship opportunities during the long (summer) vacation. They are offered by our international alumni, by multi-national corporations, by world-leading NGOs, by cutting-edge research institutions and many other organisations, and all are exclusively available to Oxford University students. Since the programme’s inception, students have undertaken internships in over 40 countries and have gained valuable work experience while travelling to exciting and exotic locations. The Summer Internship Programme also gives you the chance to explore work experience options in a variety of sectors in the UK. The programme is open to all current, matriculated Oxford University students, undergraduates and postgraduates, including those in their final year of study. Visiting students are not eligible to apply.

The internships are advertised on CareerConnect from the beginning of Hilary term each year.

What do the internships offer?
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Although every internship is unique, we try to ensure that they provide the following common elements:

  • Full-time work for 2-12 weeks during the summer vacation
  • A defined project, which creates real value for the host organisation and a valuable learning experience for the student
  • Interaction with an assigned supervisor or mentor within the host organisation
  • A stipend, or some assistance with travel or accommodation
  • Payment at the national minimal wage or above, if the internship is in the UK and in the for-profit sector
  • An international experience or access to an internship placement in the UK that is not readily available through alternative internship programmes

From first year undergraduates to DPhil researchers, students in all areas and at all levels of study enjoy the benefits of undertaking an internship.

Taking part in the programme can help you…

Develop your career goals

“This internship has had an incredibly strong lasting impression on me and leaving was very emotional. It has made me far more passionate about the accessibility of education and educational reform”. – Intern at UWC Adriatic, Italy

“The internship has definitely made me more open to a career in the third sector and it has also encouraged me to consider jobs that involve an element of research – it is exciting to be constantly learning while working”. – Intern at Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford

“I had a lot of fun and genuinely enjoyed my work. I felt valued and think that I contributed to the company, and I was able to learn a lot and expand my skill set. I am now more certain that this is the area of engineering I want to work in, and believe that I was able to develop many skills that will be valuable for my career.” – Intern at Archangel Imaging, Oxford

Experience a new location and culture

“I had a fantastic time on this internship. I absolutely loved the area of China (Yangshou) in which I was placed, it was the most incredibly beautiful scenery and a really fun town to be in. This internship has taught me so much, I feel much more independent as well as more confident. I have met some brilliant people doing this and learn a lot about myself, my lasting impression will be many happy memories”. – Intern at Gotoco, China

“I had one of my best summer experiences during my stay in Geneva. There was such an inclusive atmosphere at CERN as there were 300+ summer students from around 100 countries and I have made very good friends. The scale of ongoing and future projects is absolutely gigantic, I had visited all the four underground detectors of the Large Hadron Collider and they are very impressive. The amount of international collaboration and resources that were devoted to the LHC project is enormous and it brings the science community over the world together. Living in Geneva is very different to Oxford or even my home country Hong Kong. The culture and cuisine are very different but it was a new experience for me to stay in continental Europe. I would love to return to Geneva and work there in the future. Before this internship I was unsure if I would enjoy living in Switzerland or France but now it has completely changed my mind and I would certainly look into options for future studies in these places.” – Intern at CERN/John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science

Develop your confidence and professional skills

“This insight has been extremely useful in helping me to improve my professional skills and shape my CV for future applications. I have also learned a lot about myself in how I approach new challenges and unknown situations, which has given me more confidence and certainty in myself.” – Intern at Montana Science Center, USA

“Overall, I had a fantastic experience. I learned a great deal of widely applicable skills- the internship certainly built my professional confidence”. – Intern at the Heritage Alliance, London

Past interns' experiences
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The Summer Internship Programme experience

Our interactive map lets you explore all the internships since 2015, and read about our interns’ experiences. It gives you a great idea of what you might be doing on the programme, and many of the internships will be offered by the same organisations next year.

You can filter the results to see what’s been available in different sectors; zoom in to read about interns’ experiences of different countries; or search the map for keywords – like your college, to see what people you know have done…

Video of students’ experiences

This video, made by a Crankstart scholar, gives a great quick introduction of what you might do on the programme.

See the internships through our interns’ eyes…

Each year we run a competition for The Summer Internship Programme interns’ photographs of what they saw and experienced during their placements. here are our 2019 winners and runners-up.

  • Cristina Conde, Courtauld Institute of Art (London), Through an intern's eyes WINNER
    Cristina Conde, Courtauld Institute of Art (London), Through an intern's eyes WINNER

And here is a selection of our older favourites!

  • Hannah Lovell, Intern at St Hugh’s College Burma Summer School, Yangon, Burma
    Hannah Lovell, Intern at St Hugh’s College Burma Summer School, Yangon, Burma
Find out more
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More information about applying for opportunities on the Summer Internship Programme is available on our webpages:

Audio intro

If you’d rather learn about the Summer Internship Programme through an MP3, you can listen to the recording of our talk at International Careers Day in January 2017, where we introduce the programme.

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Contact us
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The Internship Office

Address: The Careers Service, University of Oxford, 56 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PA
Email: internships@careers.ox.ac.uk
Telephone: 01865 274 646

This information was last updated on 23 March 2020.
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Remote work opportunities through the Summer Internship Programme

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 01/04/2020.

The Summer Internship Programme continues to advertise exclusive internships to Oxford students at all levels of study!

The fantastic range of remote working opportunities includes the chance to work with the UN, legal companies, aerospace organisations, start-ups and museums.

You can browse all remote internships available through the programme on CareerConnect. Please note you can now apply to an unlimited number of summer internships with an application deadline of 13 April 2020.

To find help with your applications, have a look on our website for advice on writing your CV and personal statement. Useful information is also available in the Essential Internship Guidance page and in our comprehensive Application Support Guide (pdf).

If you would like to have a discussion by telephone, you can also book a Short Discussion appointment with one of our Careers Advisers.

We are really impressed with the flexibility of many internship hosts who are now adjusting to the restrictions posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Many international and UK hosts who previously advertised internships through the programme have adapted or converted their internships to remote working. However, it is unavoidable that some internships are no longer taking place as they cannot be moved or held remotely.

If this is case the for you, please explore other ways to spend your summer, with volunteering and employment opportunities.

The Micro-Internship Programme: Trinity term 2020

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 01/04/2020.

We are delighted to announce that the Micro-Internship Programme will be launching on 22 April for Trinity term 2020.

This term, all micro-internships will be completed remotely from home during week 9 (22-26 June 2020) and/or week 10 (29 June – 3 July 2020) of Trinity term.

Keep an eye on our newsletters and social media channels for more information.

Undertaking an internship 

Blogged by Corina Lacurezeanu on 19/03/2020.

The situation with regards to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is changing every day and at speed, and we appreciate that this has caused concern and uncertainty for many students who have already applied to international summer internships. If you are currently making the decision about whether to accept an internship offer, please consider the following:

  • Do you have, or can you get travel insurance?
  • Are there any visa restrictions for the part of the world you are travelling to?
  • Would you know what to do if your country, or the country you are thinking of travelling to imposes travel restrictions, requests you to self isolate or goes into lockdown?
  • If you are concerned, could you negotiate with your host employer to complete the project you have applied to remotely?

We have sent a reminder to all hosts that are taking part in the Summer Internship Programme to stay up to date with the latest official coronavirus guidance that relates to their location. A large number of internships have migrated to remote-working internships while others have been postponed. Please discuss your requirements directly with your internship host but note that there is no obligation to go ahead with an internship.

Less than a week left to apply for UK summer internships

Blogged by Paloma Campos Da Silva on 04/03/2020.

The deadline for UK summer internships offered through the Summer Internship Programme is fast approaching, so login to CareerConnect now to browse opportunities in a wide range of sectors, or have a look at the list of UK internships by sector. 

Remember: You can submit up to two UK internships through this current batch by 16 March 2020.

The Internship Office Team continues to offer application support sessions where prospective applicants can discuss internship ideas, and get advice on building a successful CV and personal statement. These one-to-one sessions take place at the Careers Service at 56 Banbury Road and can be booked through the ‘Appointments’ section on CareerConnect.

Please see our comprehensive application support guide (pdf) for more information about applying to our Summer Internship Programme.

Apply now for UK summer internships!

Blogged by Paloma Campos Da Silva on 26/02/2020.

Apply now for UK summer internships in a wide range of sectors as part of the Summer Internship Programme. To help you navigate the different options and find the opportunity that really appeals to you, we have created a list of UK internships by sector.

Also, The University of Oxford offers a variety of internships, ranging from communications, publishing, arts, and heritage to finance and marketing. Don’t miss out!

All UK opportunities are open exclusively to Oxford students, and you can apply for up to two internships through this current batch on CareerConnect.

The Internship Office Team continues to offer application support sessions where prospective applicants can discuss internship ideas, and get advice on building a successful CV and personal statement. These one-to-one sessions take place at the Careers Service at 56 Banbury Road and can be booked through the ‘Appointments’ section on CareerConnect.

Please see our comprehensive application support guide for other ways of getting support when applying to our Summer Internship Programme.

The deadline for applications is 16 March 2020.

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