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The support that the Careers Service offers doesn't stop at graduation. We particularly recommend that graduates make use of this support in the first two years after graduation. Beyond two years there is targeted help available to graduates thinking of changing careers, returning to the jobs market after a break, or wanting to 'give back'. 

All Oxford University alumni

All alumni of the University continue to benefit from some of our services:

  • Access our job vacancy board on CareerConnect
  • Attend our careers fairs and most other events
  • Book and attend the Weekly Alumni Careers Workshop (more details below)
  • Book and attend the monthly webinar, the Career Management Strategy Masterclass (more details below)
  • Order MBTI personality assessments (more details below)
  • Sign up for our termly Alumni Careers Newsletter. You can do this by editing your communication preferences in on your Alumni Office account.

Recent alumni

Recent alumni, which we define as normally those within two years of their course-end date, can also access one-to-one careers advice appointments outside normal term-time (priority in weeks 0-9 of each term is given to current students).

Saïd Business School alumni

Please note that matriculated alumni of the Saïd Business School have their own alumni resources at the Business School's Career Development Centre.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on

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Continued support through CareerConnect

Register for an account on CareerConnect, and you will be able to:

  • Search our job vacancy board on CareerConnect (most of the positions advertised are for immediate availability)
  • Attend our careers fairs and most other events
  • Sign up for our Monthly Alumni Careers Newsletter which is sent by e-mail. You can do this by editing your communication preferences in on your alumni office account.

Unfortunately some of our services are only available to current students (for example our exclusive internship programmes, the Student Consultancy, and other skill-development programmes). Please contact us if you would like clarification on eligibility.

Attend tailored events

As well as allowing alumni to attend our regular events we also have tailored events:

  • Virtual Weekly Alumni Careers Workshops
  • Monthly Career Management Strategy Masterclass Webinar
  • Alumni @ the Fair
  • MBTI personality assessments

You can find these events and book your place in the events calendar in CareerConnect, or by browsing our term planner.

Virtual Weekly Alumni Careers Workshops

These weekly workshops allow alumni to talk to the Alumni Careers Adviser Dr Mike Moss, share their concerns and needs and allow him to signpost resources.

There is a pattern to alumni careers appointment, most fall into one of these types:

  • I am lost or at a crossroads, how do I figure out what to do?;
  • I know what I want to do, but I am not getting interviews; and 
  • I am getting interviews but I am not getting offers. 

Whether these resonate with you or you have another specific question, the weekly workshops are small open forum where you can ask your questions whether they fall into the above categories or not.

You can find these events and book your place in the events calendar in CareerConnect.

Career Management Strategy Masterclass Webinar

The monthly Career Management Strategy Masterclass Webinar is a three hour webinar that covers:

  • Overview of the job market and key oxonian destinations
  • How we can make better decisions by thinking like an inventor or designer
  • How we can think more creatively
  • A research based approach to developing a career strategy
  • Counter-intuitive tips and tricks for job applications
  • How to prepare for an interview.

Alumni @ the Fair

Alumni are welcome at our Careers Fairs. Of course the recruiters attend fairs to promote graduate entry positions, so these events are mostly relevant to alumni in their twenties. The booklet for the fair will be released about one week before the fair, but the previous year’s booklet will be available in PDF form, so that you can plan roughly who to meet. Target 6 to 10 employers, do research on them, approach them at the fair enthusiastically, say what you like about them demonstrating your research and engage them in a well researched question.

Advice appointments for recent alumni

Recent alumni, which we define as normally those within two years of their course-end date, can access one-to-one careers advice appointments outside normal term-time (priority in weeks 0-9 of each term is given to current students).

Alumni appointments are held online using Teams. If you would like to request an alternative platform or phone call for your appointment please let us know when you book. To book an advice appointment, simply log into CareerConnect, select “Alumni Careers Appointment (within 2 years of completing)” and choose a session from the list available.

It is also possible to arrange to meet in-person, if you would like to explore potential availability for an in-person appointment please email

MBTI personality assessments

We offer a number of assessments that can assist matriculated students and alumni with their career planning, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the DISC behavioural assessment tool. If in doubt contact before purchase. If you are not a matriculated student or alumni nor a member research staff of Oxford University you should not apply.

A one-to-one feedback (1 hour) using an online questionnaire either face-to-face or over Teams costs £40 including VAT. Please select the Web MBTI option on the University online store.

A longer on-line-questionnaire which uses factor analysis to refine an individual profile 5 times more detailed than the web MBTI option above, followed by a one hour one-to-one feedback either face-to-face or over Teams costs £90 including VAT. Please select the Step2 MBTI option on the University online store.

The Myers-Briggs Company (TMBC) is the European provider of MBTI questionnaires, these fees cover TMBC prices plus related taxes and administration costs. The careers service provides the MBTI practitioner free of charge without any attempt to recoup practitioner nor training costs. Commercial MBTI charges normally range from £100 to £150.

Shortly after payment Dr. Mike Moss will be in touch by e-mail to agree a one-to-one meeting appointment, depending on your order. If he happens to be out of the office there may be a short delay, your patience is appreciated. Please book and pay online.


Alumni considering a career change are invited to our wide variety of career events, and to check the CareerConnect vacancies platform where recruiters advertise opportunities in a wide variety of sectors.

We highly recommend the monthly Career Management Strategy Masterclass Webinar (available to book on CareerConnect) as a first step to prepare for career change, both in terms of how to decide and how to apply.

Alumni Office

The Alumni Office also runs a number of events each year throughout the UK. To find out more, see the Alumni Office website.

One of our most valuable services is connecting students with alumni, so that they can learn more about a sector, role, or career path. We’re always eager to engage with professionals, and students find it useful to hear from people at different stages of their career.

Take part in a panel talk

We frequently hold panel sessions for current students, where alumni discuss their profession and career path. We are always looking for volunteers to share their experiences. If you would like to help, please get in touch with the Careers Adviser responsible for the relevant sector.

Host an intern

The Internship Programme offers Oxford University students access to a number of global summer internships, many of which are provided by Oxford alumni. We are always looking for more internships, and would like to hear from any alumni who would like to participate in the programme. Whatever your organisation’s area of work, if you can define a distinct project that will allow an intern to get an insight into your company, doing real work that is of benefit to the organisation, then we would love to hear from you.

Mentor a student

Our widening participation careers mentoring programmes match scholars interested in a particular sector/area of work with an industry professional. Find out more and sign up as a mentor

The Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme

Thanks to a generous donation by Sir Michael Moritz and Ms Harriet Heyman, the Crankstart Scholarship offers a programme of enhanced support to UK resident students studying for their first undergraduate degree from low-income backgrounds. The Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme matches Scholars with industry professionals from their sector of interest and over the course of 4-6 months will meet with their mentor four times. 

The Promentor Programme: An Alumni Mentoring Programme

With the generous support of the MaxEm Trust, the Promentor Programme offers mentoring by Oxford alumni exclusively for Foundation Year Students and First Year Undergraduates on bursaries at the University of Oxford. The Programme runs for 3 years (or for 1 year if Foundation Year students do not carry their studies on at Oxford University).

Provide a career profile

We frequently look for alumni to provide profiles for our publications – for example the Oxford Guide to Careers. If you’d like to volunteer to write one, please get in touch on

The largest database of the careers of Oxford alumni is the one made up of over 280,000 Oxford alumni on LinkedIn. On the University of Oxford page on LinkedIn you can search to find potential alumni contacts by searching, geographical location, current employer's name, sector, subject studied and claimed skills.

For local networking opportunities look for your nearest Oxford Alumni Group in the Oxford Alumni Group Network.

Please note that Oxford University Alumni Office's My Oxford Network closed in July 2022 and is no longer be accessible to users.

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