Undertaking Your Micro-Internship

'Making the Most of Your Internship' workshop

Each term, we run a number of 'Making the Most of Your Internship' workshops for micro-interns to attend to explore ways in which they can maximise the opportunities on offer through their placement. Whilst this will be tailored towards those students undertaking micro-internships who want an introduction to both the workplace and key employability skills, all students are welcome to attend. Please note this is not a mandatory session.

Accommodation details

Accommodation is not provided through the programme. It is the responsibility of applicants to arrange, and cover the cost of, their own accommodation. We strongly recommend that you research this before applying. For Oxford-based placements, if you live in college accommodation we recommend that you approach your college with a request for a 9th or 10th week extension as soon as you apply for your micro-internship.

Several colleges have kindly offered accommodation support to students doing micro-internships that are unable to stay in their own college. A list has been provided in the accommodation section

Claiming your expenses

If you physically attend your placement, your host organisation will cover any local travel (not inter-city travel) and reasonable lunch expenses, on submission of receipt. You must provide them with all relevant receipts and the host might ask you to complete an expenses form.

If the internship is to be completed remotely from home, the employer will not be required to cover any part of your expenses, unless they require you to travel as part of the internships.

Accepting further work experience

The Internship Office greatly encourages a connection between students and hosts, including any future internships, full-time or part-time positions, and students are more than welcome to accept further opportunities. Should your host organisation offer a further opportunity, we recommend that you read our Internship Best Practice webpage, and bear in mind our Internship Office Policy on Voluntary Placements, below:

"Through the Micro-Internship Programme, the Internship Office facilitates voluntary work experience placements with reimbursement of local travel and lunch expenses on submission of receipts. Due to the voluntary nature of micro-internships, their maximum duration is 5 days. If, following the micro-internship, the hosts wish to engage interns to undertake work or undertake a full internship, this arrangement should be made directly between hosts and interns. Hosts should remunerate students at the minimum wage or above for this separate arrangement; the UK Government webpages provided useful information on minimum wage policy and employment rights for interns"

Any further questions?

Please contact us! You can email micro-internships@careers.ox.ac.uk. 

To keep updated with the launch of vacancies and deadlines for the submission of applications, make sure you follow the Careers Service blog, sign up to our Internship Alerts mailing list, and follow the Internship Office on Facebook.


If you are a recruiter looking to offer a micro-internship then please take a look at our Micro-Internships Employer Information webpage.

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