While there are many lists of these ’employability’ skills, at Oxford we focus on the key eight skills – based on the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)’s report, Future Fit.

This page focuses on Self-Management. To read more about the other seven employability skills, click on the links below.

Recruiters will want evidence that you can manage your own time, are flexible, resilient, and can improve yourself based on feedback. You can demonstrate this by:

  • Doing any extra-curricular activities or parttime work in addition to your degree. This will signal to employers that you can balance various responsibilities and workloads. 
  • Up-skilling yourself. Why not take a course at the Oxford Language Centre, or a free computing course at IT services during term?
  • Setting yourself personal goals that require training to complete, such as running a marathon.
  • Participating in an organised charity challenge, such as the RAG jailbreak or ‘Three Peaks Challenge’.
  • Undertaking an extended research project as part of your academic studies.

Long-term commitments

  • Do anything that requires commitment, from short self-directed or online study to long term volunteering, to demonstrate sticking power.
  • Do something that requires a regular training commitment to complete, such as college rowing to running a marathon.

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