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Reasons to offer an internship

Hiring a full-time summer intern can be of value to any type of organisation. You gain an additional member of staff at a relatively low cost who can be assigned to a specific project. In return the intern is exposed to new skills and work in a specific industry sector. Our students are bright, inquisitive, analytical, talented, hard working, energetic and ambitious and can provide you and your organisation with creative input and quality results.

Participating in The Internship Programme is also a great way to promote your organisation among our students and to develop a direct link with Oxford University. Internships advertised through the Programme receive a huge amount of attention from both undergraduates and postgraduates and all aspects of the promotion of the opportunities and the application process is managed by the Careers Service’s Internship Office.

Recommendations from sponsors

“We all were extremely satisfied and happy with the interns we found. Both immediately became very helpful members of the team, always thoughtful and helpful, highly motivated, constructive, creative and perfect for the job, much loved by regular staff and children. More than once they showed quick decision making and presented outstanding self-motivation, social competence and self-organisation.”

– Alexander Ombeck, Europaische Projektwerkstatt Kultur im ländl. Raum e.V., Germany

“The internship programme was very well organised. The service received from the internship administrative staff was excellent, sending reminders of upcoming deadlines and answering our queries promptly. It was easy to download the applications from the website. Overall, we were very impressed with the support of the university staff and with the quality of applicants. We have offered our intern a temporary contract for three months as Junior Policy Officer.”

– Christine Widdowson, Queen’s Nursing Institute, London

“The experience was very positive. The interns integrated well within our team, and we were very satisfied with their performance. The quality and the number of applications allowed us to select students who could derive from the experience a real added value and who could participate in all our high level internal and external meetings. The quality of the students is therefore essential and we were very satisfied with the work produced. The selection process worked very well and the Oxford team was very reactive whenever we needed clarification or help. We are very happy to be part of the Oxford Internship Programme.”

– Gabriella Lazzoni, Academie Diplomatique Internationale, Paris

“I have been so impressed by the quality and professionalism of the work done by our intern. His analysis and report were thorough and clear and will enormously beneficial to the charity long after he has left.”

– Keith Budgen, Nasio Trust, Kenya

 “It was a great pleasure to have interns from Oxford University. They were so creative and responsible and they played an important role for the success of our community programs as well as training programs for our employees. We also appreciate all the support which we received from the Careers Service. The staff were very helpful and efficient.”

         – Kaoru Ishimatsu, Aso Corporation, Japan

“Following my inquiry on our participation in the program, all necessary steps were made very clear. The interns who applied and were accepted for our program are of very high quality, and have been very helpful in our work. Overall, I was very satisfied by the program.”

– Zachary Harris, Government of the Republic of Serbia

Suitable internships

Although every internship offers a unique experience, it is expected that they will comprise the following common elements:

  • An internship for one or more students which will be exclusively offered to Oxford students and only advertised through the Oxford University Internship Programme;
  • Full-time work for 4-12 weeks, generally undertaken during the summer vacation.  Undergraduates should not do an internship exceeding 8 weeks in duration unless they are finishing students.
  • A defined project, which creates real value for the sponsoring organisation and a valuable learning experience for the student
  • Interaction with an assigned supervisor or mentor within the sponsoring organisation
  • A stipend, or some assistance with travel or accommodation. Internships in the UK must comply with the National Minimum Wage Act.

Please see examples of previous internships that have been successfully advertised through the Internship programme here’

About our host organisations

Many of our internships are offered by alumni or current recruiters who find it rewarding to maintain a relationship with the University. We have also welcomed large multinationals and world-leading organisations and charities to the programme, due to the recruitment opportunities it facilitates, as well as smaller organisations at home and abroad who are keen to experience the kind of dynamic cultural, academic, and professional exchange that a student intern can provide.

Whatever your organisation’s area of work, if you can offer a specific project that will give a student an insight into your company doing real work that is of benefit to the organisation, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for internship placements in small, medium and large organisations and from as many diverse areas, and regions, as possible. In 2015 we were able to offer our students internships in 44 countries including, Brazil, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Jordan, Malawi, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, and USA as well as within the EU and the UK.

Opportunities come from many different fields and sectors including: Education, International Development, Not-for-Profit, Social Care, Government and Agencies, Natural Resources and the Environment, Law, Finance, Luxury Travel, Retail, Museums and Galleries, Publishing, Research, Marketing, and Film and Digital Media.

Remuneration for interns

Feedback from partners suggests that hiring an intern from the University of Oxford significantly benefits our internship providers. Oxford interns are enthusiastic, highly motivated, and work hard to contribute to projects within their host organisations.

In the UK we expect private sector sponsors to abide by minimum wage legislation. The UK Government webpages have a useful guide to the minimum wage policy.

From an international point of view, whilst legislative expectations differ between countries, partner organisations should provide remuneration similar to equivalent entry level roles within the industry.

Private sector

We encourage all partner organisations to pay the going rate for their particular sector and country. While not everyone will be able to pay above a minimum wage level, the more generous the remuneration the more interest it will generate amongst the brightest and best.

For example, high income hedge funds/finance sector organisations and established private sector businesses often offer competitive weekly stipends or packages including accommodation, flights etc. in order to attract high calibre candidates.

Not-for-profit organisations

We also work with public bodies and charities with minimal budget to reimburse interns. The Internship Office has access to scholarship funds to strengthen placement offers, which means students are effectively paid for their work, and their costs are covered. Funds are allocated on a first-come first-served basis at the discretion of the Internship Office. In all cases we ask non-profit organisations for a contribution towards placements, such as transport costs, accommodation, meal donations or a bicycle to get to work!

Internship Programme Timeline 2016

International Placements- Batch 1

  • Deadline for internship proposals*: 8 January
  • Placements advertised to students: 18 January – 21 February
  • Student applications deadline: Midnight 21 February
  • Applications sent to internship sponsors: By 7 March
  • Sponsors provide Internship Office with shortlist of candidates: By 18 March
  • Interview students and select candidate(s): By 4 April
  • Internships start End of June onwards (Trinity Term ends 18 June)

* Internship proposals received after this date will be advertised from 14 March in the Late-Advertised internships batch.

UK Internships – Batch 2

  • Deadline for internship proposals*12 February
  • Placements advertised to students: 22 February – 13 March
  • Student applications deadline: Midnight 13 March
  • Applications sent to internship sponsors: By 28 March
  • Sponsors provide Internship Office with shortlist of candidates: By 11 April
  • Sponsors interview students and select candidate(s): By 25 April
  • Internships start End of June onwards (Trinity Term ends 18 June)

* Internship proposals received after this date will be advertised from 14 March in the Late-Advertised internships batch.

Late-Advertised Internships (International and UK)- Batch 3

  • Late placements can be advertised from 14 March
  • We will accept late internship proposals up to and including 31 May
  • Placements are advertised to students for a two week period after the placement goes live
  • Applications sent to internship sponsors within one week of application deadline
  • Sponsors will be asked to select a candidate within three weeks
  • Internships can start from the end of June onwards (Trinity Term ends 18 June)
How to offer an internship

The Internship Office accepts offers of internship placements from October each year. If you would like us to contact you about the programme this October, or would like more information, please email us at

To submit a vacancy to the Internship Programme, please fill in the The Internship Programme 2016 sponsor form.

The Internship Office manages the student application process for the Programme.

We will advertise your internship to our students and collect their documents.  After the internship application deadline has passed we will present you with the details of the applicants for your internship position. You can then select an intern, conducting interviews of short-listed applicants if required, from among the candidates.

Information for Oxford Colleges and Departments

Please see the University’s guidance for setting up internships within departments.

Role & responsibilities of host organisations

We ask sponsoring organisations to:

  • Fill in a sponsor internship form providing details of the project(s) offered, and including an overview of the skills required by the ideal candidate
  • Provide an accurate and reasonably detailed description of the internship project(s) offered and the duties associated with it (them), including an overview of the skills required by the ideal candidate(s)
  • Select intern(s) from the pool of applicants forwarded by the University. Telephone (or face-to-face) interviews should be conducted, and direct contact established with potential interns
  • Provide the internship project as described (or an appropriate alternative project subject to prior discussion with the University and the student(s))
  • Provide intern(s) with an appropriate work-space and equipment necessary to carry out the internship project work
  • Designate a point of contact within the organisation, who will discuss practical arrangements with the intern before their arrival, supervise the intern(s), and act as the primary contact for communications with the University of Oxford
  • Provide the intern(s) with a stipend and/or other assistance (for example, accommodation)
  • Where necessary, sponsor the student(s) for a visa covering the duration of the internship
  • Comply with local health and safety obligations in relation to the internship(s)
  • Provide assurance that your organisation’s insurance will cover potential liability that may arise from the internship(s)
  • Provide feedback to the University of Oxford by evaluating the intern(s) at the end of the placement.
This information was last updated on 12 October 2015.
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DEADLINE for Micro-internship applications this Sunday!

Posted on behalf of The Internship Office. Blogged by Andrew Laithwaite on February 4, 2016.

There is still time to apply for a micro-internship for 9th week of this term!

Micro-internships are convenient 2-5 day voluntary work placements, hosted by organizations of all shapes and sizes across Oxfordshire and London. They are an excellent way to secure valuable experience for your CV, and to gain insight into areas of professional interest.

Placements for Hilary term are currently available across an extensive range of fields, from international development consultancy and work with medieval manuscripts, to software development and market research.

If you are interested in a particular sector,  you can see which micro-internships opportunities are particularly relevant by looking at the sector breakdown of micro-internship opportunities. Many of the opportunities are relevant to more than one sector.

All placements can be seen in more detail on CareerConnect, where you can also apply. The application process is easy, and only requires a one-page CV and a 300 word personal statement. Further information about the programme itself can be found on the Micro-Internship Programme webpage.

Be quick – the deadline for applications is midnight this Sunday 7 February!

Please contact if you have any questions about the programme.

International Internships available through the Internship Programme!

Blogged by Rachel Ruscombe-King on February 4, 2016.

The Oxford University Internship Programme (OUIP) has summer internships available exclusively for Oxford students, which are all being advertised on CareerConnect now!

Students can apply for three international internships through the programme, with an application deadline of February 21st. Hundreds of global opportunities are available in education, international development, finance, scientific research, heritage and museums, and much more. Select ‘Internship Office and Skills Programmes’ on CareerConnect to search vacancies.

UK internships will also be advertised through the Internship Programme from February 22nd onwards, and ‘late batch’ vacancies will be available from mid-March.

For help with applications to specific OUIP internships, you can come to the Careers Service during a drop-in session. One to one meetings are given on a first come first served basis, and can last up to 15 minutes, during which you can discuss your internship goals, or seek feedback on a CV or personal statement. The drop-in sessions run twice a week in Hilary term,  and dates are listed in the Internship Programme drop-ins table.

For more information on the Internship Programme, there is also an information session taking place at the Careers Service at 5pm on Thursday 4th February.

Oxford Global Health Careers Fair, 15 February 2016

Posted on behalf of Claire Chesworth. Blogged by Claire Chesworth on February 4, 2016.

Oxford Global Health Group are running their annual global health careers fair  on Monday 15th February, 18:00-20:30, in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, South Parks Road, Oxford.

For further information and a full list of organisations who are attending, please see their Facebook group.

Solicitor Vacation Scheme for Finalists

Posted on behalf of Hogan Lovells. Blogged by Juliet Tomlinson on February 4, 2016.

If you are a final year student or graduate (law or non-law) then you are welcome to apply for an Easter or Summer vacation scheme at international law firm, Hogan Lovells.

As a final year student and graduate, both law and non-law you will have the opportunity to work alongside partners, associates and trainees in key practice areas such as corporate, finance and litigation. You will experience the role of a trainee first-hand for two or three weeks.

The vacation schemes will introduce you to life in a global law firm, enable you to network and learn from lawyers and give you hints and tips on the application process for training contracts.

The closing date is February 19th, 2016. See Hogan Lovells’ website for details. Please note that Hogan Lovells are just in the process of updating their website text but you are able to apply from now on!

Careers in the Public Sector (panel talk)

Posted on behalf of Claire Chesworth. Blogged by Claire Chesworth on February 4, 2016.
  • When: Wednesday 10th February, 2.30pm
  • Where: The Careers Service, 56 Banbury Road

This year’s Careers in the Public Sector panel event is a unique opportunity to find out more about graduate jobs within the public sector. We have alumni who are working in a range of areas which include public policy (both international and national), social care and the police force. Come and find out more about how to make a difference with your career.

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