Free Practice Resources for Online Recruitment Tests for Oxford Students

Most of those applying for graduate roles are likely to be asked to take online psychometric tests at some point, sometimes immediately after registering an interest in a particular role. The good news is that it is possible to practise in advance and improve your skills.

To understand the variety of tests that you might encounter and how to approach them, start by reading our guidance on psychometric tests

Current matriculated Oxford University students have free access to the comprehensive training resources provided by JobTestPrep. The suite of advice and practice materials covers the full spectrum of tests, including verbal and numerical reasoning tests, e-tray exercises, situational judgement tests and critical thinking, and analysis tests like the Watson-Glaser used extensively for recruitment by law firms. JobTestPrep even provides banks of resources designed specifically to help you prepare for the tests used by named companies.

How to gain access

The University of Oxford Careers Service can  provide you with an Access Code that gives you 12 months free access from the first time that you log in to JobTestPrep. Please continue to use your existing Code if it is still active.

To request a Code, please log in to your Oxford CareerConnect account and use the 'Queries' tab to send us a request with the title: JobTestPrep Access Code. 

Once you start using your JobTestPrep access code, you can add different practice packs to your account.