Career Weaver: Explore your personal work-drivers

Start using CareerWeaver today and start to explore, uncover and articulate what’s most important to you. This can help you to find a focus, direct your research and strengthen you ability to make well argued and strongly presented applications based on your core values and career drivers. Career Weaver offers a dozen short exercises, providing a structure and a language to help you name and define:

  • What you love;
  • What you are good at;
  • Why you chose to do what you do.

You can use Career Weaver as a stand alone tool to gain insights to your personal work-related drivers, or discuss your insights with a Careers Adviser. There is no prescribed route to follow, so start with the exercises that appeal to you most.

For more information on working with the tool, see our online briefing.

Career Weaver now has a permanent home on the University’s central domain at This will replace our earlier User Accessibility Testing (UAT) version. Anyone with a UAT account can continue to access this until August, but unfortunately it is not possible to move these automatically to the new system. We have created options to help you export and save your insights and reflections  and transfer these manually to a new account. Details of how to do this are given in the final section of our online briefing.