Dr Miranda Brawn Award 2021-2022

The Internship Office is pleased to announce that the Dr Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation is generously offering a new award to UK undergraduate Black, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and mixed heritage students to undertake a self-directed career development project in the summer vacation.

Students who receive the award will have the chance to enjoy self-directed activities or experiences that are not covered through other college or University financial support programmes.

About self-directed career development projects

There are many definitions of a self-directed career project but essentially it is a project which students organise themselves and can be used to enhance a set of skills and knowledge that will help with a future career. Although this is not an exhaustive list, examples of a self-directed project might include: making a short film, learning a new language, starting a new enterprise, writing or putting on a play, learning to code, developing an app.

Funding application

The award is open to UK Black, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and mixed heritage undergraduates from low-income households. Recipients will also have the opportunity to access the resources at the Dr Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

The maximum amount available is £1,000 and could support more than one student. The award will be administered through the Internship Office.

To apply, please complete the funding application form and email it to funding@careers.ox.ac.uk.

Download the Dr Miranda Brawn funding application form

The deadline for applications is midnight on Friday, 6 May 2022.

Please note that the awards are not provided on a rolling basis and all applications will only be considered after the deadline.