Finalists' access to University online services

Oxford University SSO access

The University will extend the card expiry for all undergraduate leavers until 31 July (the card expiry date is also linked to most SSO services including email, Canvas, SOLO and CareerConnect). More information on what services will be deactivated/extended on Finishing IT use at Oxford | IT Help.

Use your SSO to open an account on Career Weaver, the Careers Service's web-based app to promote reflection on what you want from work -- your career drivers.

  • Before your SSO expires, change your Career Weaver account to work with your personal email and continue to access any content already created on the app. To do this, click the 'User' icon on any Career Weaver screen (it’s next to the login/logout icon), and then click the blue 'Convert account' button and follow the instructions.
  • Matriculated Oxford University alumni can ask to have a new Career Weaver account set up. To do this, alumni must log into their CareerConnect account and send a request via the 'Query' tab.

Unfortunately, we are not able to change an SSO account to an alumni account for you, so you must complete that change through the app itself before your SSO expires.

CareerConnect access

The above DO NOT affect our automatic student to alumni switch on our CareerConnect platform, as this is triggered by your ‘course end date’ on your CareerConnect profiles.

Finalists (undergraduate and postgraduate leavers) will receive an automated email with instructions to update their accounts, and will be required to switch to an alumni account in order to continue using our services and apply to the Micro-Internship Programme and The Oxford Strategy Challenge programme over the summer. This switch will also apply to those students who are finalists but are starting a further degree at Oxford in 2021-22, as we won’t have access to the new course details until August/September.

Using CareerConnect in your job search

CareerConnect is the password-protected part of the Careers Service website – just for Oxford students, alumni and current research staff. You can use it to book appointments, search upcoming events, and find jobs and internships.

CareerConnect hosts a variety of opportunities advertised by employers who are looking to recruit University of Oxford students or graduates for: full-time jobs, part-time jobs, work experience and internships

To search for vacancies, click on “Opportunities” on the top bar, and then select “Search Opportunities”. You will then be able to browse through the full list of opportunities, search by keyword for specific jobs, or filter by sector, location, opportunity type, and more.

Access your CareerConnect account