The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation Awards 2023-2024

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation is generously offering an award to UK undergraduate Black, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and mixed heritage students to undertake a self-directed career development project in the summer vacation.

Students who receive the award will have the chance to enjoy self-directed activities or experiences that are not covered through other college or University financial support programmes.

Funding application

The award is open to University of Oxford UK Black, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and mixed heritage undergraduates from low-income households. Recipients will also have the opportunity to access the resources at the Dr Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

The awards vary from £50 to £1,000 depending on the nature of the project and the likely impact it will have on a future career.

To apply, please complete the funding application form and email it to

Download the Dr Miranda Brawn funding application form

The deadline for applications is midnight on Friday 10 May 2024.

Please note that the awards are not provided on a rolling basis and all applications will only be considered after the deadline.

About self-directed career development projects

There are many definitions of a self-directed career project but essentially it is a project which students organise themselves and can be used to enhance a set of skills and knowledge that will help with a future career. Although this is not an exhaustive list, examples of a self-directed project might include: making a short film, learning a new language, starting a new enterprise, writing or putting on a play, learning to code, or developing an app.

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