MIT Solve 2024 Global Challenges

Do you have a solution to one of the most pressing challenges of our time? Apply to MIT Solve's Global Challenges, which are open for submission from February to April each year.

The selected innovators will share over $1 million in available funding, take part in a nine-month support programme, and join the Solve community of cross-sector social impact leaders to help scale their solutions. Challenges address key areas: 

Solve invites anyone from anywhere in the world to submit a solution to this year’s Global Challenges by 18 April 2024.

Selected applicants become Solver teams and:

  • Receive a $10,000 prize from Solve and access to additional funding in the form of grants and investments.

  • Participate in a 9 month virtual support programme including:

    • Tailored capacity workshops 

    • Leadership coaching

    • Access to in-kind and pro bono resources such as software licenses and legal services

    • Curated opportunities to connect & network with impressive peers that act as a trusted support group, offering inspiration and guidance.

    • Monitoring and evaluation support to build an impact measurement practice.

  • Join a powerful network of impact-minded leaders across industries and sectors, with dedicated spaces to meet year-round and travel stipends to join Solve’s flagship events.

  • Gain exposure in the media and at conferences.

Further information is available on MIT Solve, including details of the available challenges and the process for submitting an applications.